[Guide] – How To Make Passive Income Promoting Udemy Courses ? [Payment Proofs Inside]

Udemy is one of the top online education portals, which has over 8000 courses and 800,000 students. It has been featured on top sources like the Wall Street Journal, Tech crunch, Mashable & others which explains the kind of brand and the reputation earned. There are many instructors who have earned a lot with their courses on Udemy and in case if you wish to learn about the top instructors who made around $5 Million USD (combined), check out the below references.

If you don’t want to create any new courses, then still Udemy provides you a chance to make passive income by promoting the existing courses through their affiliate program.

     Affiliate Payment Screenshots

Just before going into further details, let me show you the recent screenshots of the affiliate income received from Udemy, that too without any kind of  serious promotional activities.

If you take up this activity seriously, you can earn much more. There is a huge opportunity for one to explore and make a good passive income promoting Udemy courses.

Even though this is very small amount, it still adds up as one of the sources, to my passive income 🙂

Udemy Affiliate Payment

Udemy Affiliate Account Screenshot

Udemy Affiliate Payment_2

Paypal Payment Screenshot

     Udemy Affiliate Program Details

The free affiliate program allows users to make passive income by promoting existing courses present on Udemy. Generally Udemy  pays 50% of the course Udemy Affiliate Income_1price of any sale.

Ex. If the course fee is $100USD then affiliate shall be paid $50USD.

In case if you are promoting a course which is offering some coupon code then you shall get paid 50% of the price paid.

Ex. The course fee is $100USD and there is a 50% OFF coupon available on that course. If the user uses your affiliate link to register for the course and applies the coupon code to get 50% OFF, then the affiliate shall be paid 50% off $50USD which is $25USD.

There are also free courses on Udemy, but note that you won’t earn anything by promoting free courses because 50% off of nothing is nothing 😛

There is no limit to the number of sales, affiliates make which makes them to earn as much as they can. Also, Udemy provides cookie for 7 days, which means that the user, if bought the course Udemy within 7 days period, you will get paid.

Here is the chart that depicts revenue criteria.

Udemy Affiliate

Check this source to understand more about revenue sharing criteria.

     Udemy Payment Details

Udemy pays through Paypal and in case if you have newly created your account, then you can set your paypal details on this page after logged in to your dashboard. Udemy takes around 1 month to pay the affiliate commission. Say, if you have made any sales in Aug then you shall be paid at the end of September.

Udemy offers a 30 day refund program and in case if the user who has bought the course using your affiliate link requests for a refund then you shall not be paid the commission. Hence commissions are paid only for courses which are not refunded. Whether you make $5USD or $500USD, your affiliate income shall be paid accordingly.

     How To Become Udemy Affiliate ?

The Udemy Affiliate Program is run in the Linkshare network which makes it necessary to register with Linkshare if you are interested to promote Udemy courses.

1.Udemy offers a free affiliate program where any user can register (free) from this link : Udemy Affiliate Account Sign Up . Click on “Join Now”.

Udemy will take around 4-7 days (sometimes within 1 or 2 days also) to validate and approve your account.

Udemy Affiliate_01

2. You will now be taken to Rakuten Linkshare Publisher Registration page. There are 4 sections which you have to fill.

  • Company Info
  • Contact & Account Info
  • Primary Website Info
  • Payment Threshold

a) Company Info

Udemy Affiliate_02

Select your country which will then populate with the relevant fields under TaxForm & your State.

Legal Entity Type : Select appropriately. As I’m not associated with anyone nor any company, I have selected it as “Individual”.

Business Name : For Individuals and Sole Proprietorships this will be your full name ( if this field is disabled then you need not enter your full name.

Social Security Number : This is optional and can be left blank if you don’t have it.

Tax Form : This is mandatory field. You need to select it accordingly. There are multiple W-8 forms, and for most Publishers the W-8BEN is appropriate. I have selected this as W-8BEN.

In case of any ambiguity, please check this source for clarification.

Address & Contact Details : Please fill these fields appropriately.

b) Contact & Account Info

Udemy Affiliate_03

Enter all these details appropriately.

c) Primary Website Info

Udemy Affiliate_04

Provide the details about your website to let them understand your promotional model. If you don’t have, it is very easy to create a website in wordpress.

d) Payment Threshold & Other Details.

Udemy Affiliate_05

Threshold : This is by default set to $50USD (min). I guess you need not change this number. Once your affiliate income becomes $50USD or more you will get payed.

Language Preferences : Set them accordingly

Email Subscriptions : Check them so that you will get mails periodically regarding any new promotions

Membership Agreements : Check them both.

Information Certification : In the Signature field: Enter Your Full Name & click on Sign Me Up.

3. Once you have created your Linkshare affiliate account, you may need to furnish more details regarding traffic strategies (if asked). Here is my screenshot with my details.

Udemy Affiliate_06

4. If Udemy publisher is shown then click on “Apply”. If not then after logging in to you Linkshare affiliate site and do a search for Udemy under ADVERTISER SEARCH field. Click on “Apply”.

Udemy Affiliate_07

Please note that Udemy should approve you before you start promoting the courses. So, wait till you get approval. Once your account is approved you will get an email regarding the same.

(Note : Udemy will take around 4-7 days for approval process but most of the times within 1 or 2 days you will get approved).

     How To Get Affiliate Links For Udemy Courses ?

Once your account is approved, now you are ready to promote Udemy courses.

Step 1 : Login to your Linkshare affiliate account 

Navigate to My Advertisers > Udemy > View Links (OR) Navigate to Links > Udemy > View Links

Udemy Affiliate_08

Step 2 : Click on Link Types & Select the type of link which you want to promote.

If you want to promote any specific course then navigate to > Individual Products. Here I wanted to promote with the banners. So, I have selected Banners/Images

Udemy Affiliate_09

Step 2 : Select the banner and click on “Get Links”

Udemy Affiliate_10

Step 2 :A popup will get displayed with the link code. Use this link code to promote the Udemy courses.

Udemy Affiliate_11

Hope you have liked this detail article about Udemy affiliate guide. Please share it and let your friends/readers also know about Udemy affiliate registration process.

Phanindra is the owner of BlogSmartGuide.com which serves as the platform to learn about the strategies to become a Successful Online Entrepreneur with a healthy portfolio making passive income online. You can follow him on Google Plus


41 Responses to “[Guide] – How To Make Passive Income Promoting Udemy Courses ? [Payment Proofs Inside]”

  1. James

    Oct 24. 2013

    Udemy is really awesome company to work with. One of the easiest ways I find to promoting them is just recommend courses to friends through social media.
    James recently posted…Udemy Become A Web Developer From Scratch ReviewMy Profile

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  2. Łucja

    Nov 06. 2013

    It’s not working now! You must create a link through udemy! ( I know – I’ve got 30 clicks and no dinero – after changing to udemy links – on 5 clicks I’ve got 3 hits…

    Reply to this comment
    • Phanindra

      Nov 14. 2013

      I have given sample URL’s of the affiliate links in the above article. Generally as shown , you need to get the affiliate links from within Udemy(after logging in your affiliate control).


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  3. Mike

    Dec 19. 2013

    I just wanted to show how some instructors, are committed to making life as a Udemy Affiliate even easier by creating affiliate tools.

    >>> http://empoweria.com/udemy-affiliate-tools/

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  4. tuyen ran

    Jan 02. 2014

    Please help me with my affiliate on Udemy! When I navigate to my dashboard. I clicked column “Your Link” and get my affiliate link, but have problem, some textbox in column “Your link” is give me a other affiliate code. EX; Course ”
    Design Your User Experience in 7 Simple Steps” with my affiliate code is = “affcode=E0EYeVdUQHQLQhNj”

    but course “Creating iOS games for beginners” is affiliate code =”affcode=E0EYeVdUQHQLQRtj”. Why it is?
    tuyen ran recently posted…New Coupon code Udemy save 70% 1 January 2014My Profile

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    • Phanindra

      Jan 04. 2014

      Just tried to create my own affiliate links for the above 2 courses and they are different than my normal affiliate code. Need to check with Udemy about it.


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  5. bharathi.b

    Apr 10. 2014

    thanks for your valuable posting, it was very informative.i am working in Erp in Chennai

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  6. Bharathi.B

    Jun 13. 2014

    thanks for your valuable posting it was very informative. i am working inCrm Software Company In Chennai

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  7. anonymous

    Jul 27. 2014

    Udemy affiliate is not available in India?

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  8. Noah

    Aug 28. 2014


    Can you please create another post to register in Udemy Affiliate, because lot of stuff is there, which is out of my brain. I’m from India.

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  9. T Poddar

    Oct 15. 2014

    Just came across your site. Its great.

    I have a question for you? I would like to become a Udemy affiliate. However I find that the Udemy affiliate program is run via Ratuken Linkshare. There has to be some disclosure made regarding tax .

    Which tax form to choose – is it Form W-8BEN? Also is the check box indicating I am exempt from backup withholding to be selected? I am from India.

    Also is approval as an affiliate to Udemy difficult? Would greatly appreciate your response.

    Reply to this comment
    • Phanindra

      Oct 23. 2014

      If you are from India, then just submit the form W-8BEN. It is not much difficult to join Udemy affiliate. Also, I personally suggest you to think in terms of creating your own course in Udemy.It is very simple to create course in Udemy which can also be promoted on different other revenue generating platform (ex. Skillfeed etc or even sell them on your own blog).


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  10. Shahzan

    Oct 30. 2014


    Thanks a lot for this great post Phanindra.

    I would like to know whether I would be able to sign up for Udemy Affiliate program without having a website or blog?

    As I’m planning to promote the courses on social media.

    Eagerly waiting for a reply.


    Reply to this comment
    • Phanindra

      Nov 14. 2014

      Hi Shahzan,

      You can join Udemy as an affiliate 🙂 Just mention about your strategy while registering as affiliate.


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  11. Jeroen

    Nov 13. 2014

    Do you need a website to become a affiliate or is promoting there products by Facebook ads also possible.

    Reply to this comment
    • Phanindra

      Nov 14. 2014

      I you have a website that will be an added advantage. But you need to take care of some points (using Udemy or any other copyrighted terms in your ad copy) while advertising.

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    • Valentine Day

      Feb 01. 2015

      Wow, that is by all means a great way of getting additional income, I have heard that Udemy courses are very useful but never guessed i can earn money promoting them! Definitely going to take advantage of that offer!
      Valentine Day recently posted…Happy Valentines Day 2015 Top Gift Ideas For HimMy Profile

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  12. Lydia

    Nov 28. 2014

    Great post. This video compares Udemy, Skillshare and Skillfeed Affiliate Programs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojrpFwRoSJI What are your thoughts about the other two platforms?

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  13. Doru Catana

    Nov 30. 2014

    curious about something….

    how do affiliates select the courses they will promote?

    I am an instructor at udemy and that would help me to better understand what to offer affiliates to make their life easier and mine as a teacher more profitable.

    thank you.
    Doru Catana recently posted…The Tokyo ReverseMy Profile

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    • Phanindra

      Dec 05. 2014

      Hi Doru,

      Most of the times, if you have seen coupon websites they by default drive traffic to almost all the courses that are made available for affiliate promotion.
      If case of normal bloggers, they try to promote courses to their list (email marketing) & also try to see few keywords which are rankable on Google. So, after ranking on 1st page of Google for the relevant courses, affiliates can promote anything. So, few of them choose Udemy courses.

      Ex. If I can rank for Youtube money making keywords on 1st page of Google, then you can promote Alun Hill’s “How To Make Money From Youtube Without Filming” course which converts very well (there’s also great feedback along with good rating).

      Hope this info helps 🙂


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  14. mrunmay phanse

    Jan 04. 2015

    I see this post as an eye opener, i must admit that this post is of incredible help to me and numerous bloggers out there who yearning to profit from their online blogs

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  15. Atinder

    Jan 13. 2015

    Udemy is great place to learn. SO, going for Udemy affiliate program is a very wise step. It can certainly earn huge income if promoted in a planned way.

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  16. wayn

    Jan 22. 2015

    Anyone want to market my udemy course? Let me know i will give you a coupon to market thats going for a great price right now. easy sales for anyone in the IM niche.!!!

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  17. BorisQs

    Feb 27. 2015

    I do not know when this blog post was created but I just followed the steps today and I created an account on Linkshare but udemy rejected my application because of some criterials which are not shown for one to correct or adjust nothing.I do not know if you can help with this thanks very informative post by the way
    BorisQs recently posted…How to Make Extra Money Online by Maximizing Free ResourcesMy Profile

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    • Phanindra

      Mar 01. 2015

      Hi BorisQs,

      These are the same details which I had used to get an affiliate account with Udemy. As in your case, I’m not sure the exact details (may be blog details/traffic/etc.). Would you please check with their support system to find out the exact reason ?


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  18. santanu

    May 19. 2015

    You have an awesome blog and really impressed after reading your blogging journey. In fact I am reading and learning about affiliate marketing tips and found about Udemy in your blog.

    I didn’t knew that Udemy is so powerful, hope I will try them in future.
    santanu recently posted…Is bluehost anytime money back guarantee scam?My Profile

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  19. Chandranath

    Jul 28. 2015

    I Tried to apply for udemy and received following message when clicked on Apply.

    Your application to this program has not been processed. This merchant has established certain criteria for affiliates applying to their program. Unfortunately, your site does not meet one or more of these criteria. For more specific approval information, please refer to the merchant’s application criteria.
    Chandranath recently posted…Orphaned Group Summary / Orphaned Group footer in Crystal ReportsMy Profile

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  20. Liz

    Aug 06. 2015

    Thank you for all the information Phanindra, I created an account with Linksynergy(Linkshare) yesterday. Wish I saw your post earlier. My applicatiion for Udemy was sent to Udemy and it is in a pending state right now.

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  21. Saber

    Aug 12. 2015

    Udemy has the top affiliate program.
    It is really powerfull and easy to use.

    I recommend this course how to run my Udemy Affiliate Marketing business: Udemy Affiliate Marketing: Make Money Selling Udemy Courses

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  22. ribhi

    Nov 19. 2015

    you didn’t mention the most important step : –

    what kind of website should i make to make udemy approve me as an affiliate to their products??

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  23. Chahit Kumar

    Feb 01. 2016

    Hey Phanindra, I applied for udemy affiliate with one of my low traffic sites added in profile. Now i have added up a new website that has huge traffic. Do i need to tell them at time of applying that i am applying with the other site (there’s no such option at time of applying)
    Chahit Kumar recently posted…How to find RSS Feeds related to particular topics and websitesMy Profile

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  24. Bayu

    Mar 12. 2016

    Hi Phanindra, Are you udemy affiliater, right?
    Do you have ultimate tactic how to promote udemy affiliate link and increase affiliate income ?

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  25. Dumaji

    Mar 28. 2016

    Thanks! I have joined the affiliate program from today after reading detail post on your blog. Please also share some more affiliates for new bloggers with the traffic about 300 visitors daily.
    Dumaji recently posted…What is Bootleg Signs and Where Are They Used?My Profile

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  26. Abdul Basit

    Apr 08. 2016

    I have made my course on udemy and i do not know how to promote it.so someone ask me to use affiliate program and affiliates will promote your course.

    Phanindra please tell me how is it possible i do not have my own website niether traffic source nor email subscription.please tell me how i can sell out my course through udemy affiliates in this case.KEEP IN MIND AT THE MOMENT I DO NOT WANT TO PROMOTE OTHER PEOPLE’s COURSES.

    Will wait for your reply

    Reply to this comment
    • Phanindra

      Apr 14. 2016

      Hi Abdul,

      After you’re logged in navigate to this location https://www.udemy.com/user/edit-promotional-agreements/
      Ensure that you have checked the checkbox under “Udemy Marketing Boost Program: A Multi-Channel Marketing Program to Drive Sales of Your Course(s)”.
      That’s it. All your courses will be available for affiliates to promote.

      Please check out this article for some more insights regarding affiliate percent shares.

      My suggestion
      Create a YouTube channel and try to publish some good videos from time to time. This can help you build up few subscribers to whom you can later promote your courses.
      Also navigate to Google and type “udemy coupons” or some relevant combinations. You will have lots of udemy coupons website where you can submit your course along with a coupon code.


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