[Zero Investment] – Complete Guide To Make Money Online Using Google Sites

This Zero Investment Guide provides you complete information about how to make money online promoting affiliate products on Google Sites.

Online Passive Portfolios are the best ways to make money online . There are so many ways to create great portfolio’s and here is one of the ways which is absolutely free from spending even a penny. I won’t go into too much detail of sub sections of this strategy, but will discuss about them at some point later in the form of another resource post.


This is one of the famous points from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey and I mean it. If you have started something, then no matter what ever obstacle comes, DO NOT QUIT . If you want to be successful in whatever area you choose, always see that you adhere to the below points.

  • Whatever you start, complete it at any cost

  • Without regular efforts, don’t expect the reward

  • Always aim for excellence, success will automatically follow you

  • Give it some time to grow

  • Have patience to wait till the end of the time

This is not a get rich quick strategy as I’m completely against it. Any strategy requires some efforts and patience to make it successful. It is same as planting a seed , pouring water and giving it some time to grow.

  • Plant A Seed

  • Give It Water Regularly

  • Seed Turns To Plant

  • Plant Turns To Tree

  • Tree Gives You Fruits

So, here are the point to point details about this strategy.


Investment Required : $ 0 USD

Total Planned Time : 5 Hrs or less

Resources : Shall be discussed accordingly in the action plan

Action Plan – Outline

1. Find Good Affiliate Product

2. Create a Google Site

3. Create a Keyword Optimized Post on Google Site

4. Build Few Backlinks

Action Plan – In Detail

1. Find Good Affiliate Product

There are a number of ways to find good affiliate products. A product which you have used it personally will definitely have an edge over choosing on some random product. The readers will trust you when you always provide the quality content and when you recommend something which works very well, this trust flow increases.

If you are trying to promote an existing product then better check for the long tail keywords so that you can get which keywords work and which doesn’t.  There are different ways to find long tail keywords. Google Planner is the free tool which definitely serves the purpose but to make certain things more easier, I use long tail pro which saves lots of time. In case if you haven’t used long tail pro previously, use this link so that you can check and evaluate it for 10 days without paying anything.

So what if you want to promote something which you haven’t used ?

Promoting something which you haven’t used might not work well in case if the product doesn’t live up to the expectations. But still if you want to choose a new product then first try to get some familiarity on the working scenarios of that product. You might get information from the JV Page or you may ask for the review copy from the product owner , so that you get a chance to valuate the product. Only start promoting the product when you feel that it is worth and your readers are going to get benefit from it.

What are the possible advantages if I promote a new product ?

Ranking for the product keywords is very easy in case if the product is brand new and is going to get launched very soon.  With very few backlinks and the right strategies, top ranking among Google rankings is very easily achievable.

Where can I get information about the latest product releases ?

Here are some of the sources where you can get information about the latest product releases.




JV Notifier_1

2. Create a Google Site

Why should we create a Google Site only ? Why not try other alternatives ?

There are several alternatives, but here let us see the advantages we are going to have by creating a Google site.

  • Google Sites are very easy to create.

  • Google Sites already have a certain trust flow from Google. Hence it becomes easier to make them rank with less SEO.

  • Ranking a Google site is easy when compared to the ranking procedure of any other site.

  • It is very easy to write and article and publish it.

  • Very few quality  backlinks  are required to make it on the top searches.

To create a Google site, click the below link


Create Google Site

3. Create a Keyword Optimized Post on Google Site

In case if you could buy the product or get a review copy, then go through it completely to get familiarity about the product which you are promoting.  You can also get lots of product information from their JV pages ( Note : JV pages do not provide information about the product’s negative side. So be sure that you cannot completely judge the product based on JV information)

Once you have collected the important points

  • Try to phrase them into a 500 word article (for better ranking) with all your product keywords.
  • Use at least 1 image with proper ALT attributes and use the headings appropriately.
  • Mix your keyword with other variations.
  • If possible add any relevant video to your article page (not mandatory).
  • Shorten your affiliate link. Ex. Use bit.ly
  • Add your affiliate shortened link at the end of the article [Try to use a fancy button image to make it easier for visitors to recognize and click it]

Note : Never try to overload your article with too many keyword usages.

4. Build Few Backlinks

If you target a new product with less competition, then it is very easy to rank among the top searches of google. Build few quality backlinks to your google site for more authority.

What are the easy backlinks ?

  1. Social Bookmarking
  2. Comment Backlinks

1. Social Bookmarking

  • Visit   Social Marker
  • Submit your URL to all the important Social bookmarking sites as listed on the above sites.

2) Comment Backlinks

  • Visit Quick Links Portal
  • Enter your keyword and select the type of links required
  • Visit those sites and leave the appropriate comments

Free Backlinks_1

Note : Daily spend 10 min to build some quick backlinks.

Don’t worry if you haven’t made anything with your first article on the Google site. It might take some time for you to get hold against the working product and the right keyword. Also, try to add more articles to your google site going forward because of increasing Google penalty risks.

Phanindra is the owner of BlogSmartGuide.com which serves as the platform to learn about the strategies to become a Successful Online Entrepreneur with a healthy portfolio making passive income online. You can follow him on Google Plus


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  1. Nikhil Bille

    Nov 25. 2013

    Really Good choice for make money online with google sites.

    Can you tell me this automatic backlinks will harmful for our site after some time..?
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    • Phanindra

      Nov 27. 2013

      Thanks Nikhil. And to answer your query, automatic backlinks with some external tools/softwares might be harmful to your blog.

      Link building is one of the important activities which has to be dealth with utmost care which otherwise increases the risk factors with all the recent updates from Google.

      Note : The above link building sources are safe. They help you in getting good backlinks. But please build them using a safe pattern.

      Phanindra recently posted…[Zero Investment] – Complete Guide To Make Money Online Using Google SitesMy Profile

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  2. tomos

    Feb 01. 2014

    Become your own boss
    Become your own boss. Start your business and earn money from home. Learn skills which can make you earn money from home. Learn Internet marketing from experts, live life your way

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  3. Daniel!

    Apr 24. 2014

    Hey Phanindra,
    Thanks for sharing wisdom. I think this will be great help! Do you suggest this practice for part time work also? Do you think it can be managed on weekends or by giving 2-3 hours a day?
    I am looking forward to this 🙂

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  4. manoj

    Aug 02. 2014

    I am very happy your blog is very good & I like it sir. I make money online by google site & your information is so good.

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