30+ Killer Titles To Drive Traffic For Your Review Posts

This article provides information about the strong crowd pulling titles to grab the public attention and gain huge traffic to your blog.

What’s there in the title ?

Is it really that important to worry about ?

Can’t we generate good traffic with content relevant title which isn’t a killer title ?

If you have come across these questions then certainly this post might be helpful in answering them.

Killer titles generate instant click reaction by the users.

Now based on the type of articles, your titles may differ accordingly.

You can easily generate more traffic with LIST (ex. Top 10/ Best 5/20 Ways To/ etc.) type of posts.

We shall discuss about them in some other post as this article is more about Review type of posts.

The best way to generate affiliate sales/commissions is by creating “REVIEW” posts.

The posts can target subjects like “hostgator, bluehost, awber, clickbank, themes, plugins, new products, new services” etc

There are 2 ways to create the review posts.

Creating review after using the product/service

If you are expecting high returns/great sales, you need to understand the product first.

You can buy it or request a review copy from the creator.

The review should be completely based on your experience and if possible include some good screenshots (like member preview/software UI/etc) to establish a credibility between the user and your blog post.

If there are any -ve’s or demerits, highlighting them will let the user’s think that your review is genuine and may show interest if it fits his/her requirement. ( Don’t promote, if the product/service has too many issues)

Creating review with just the information present on the product sales page

If you create the review based on product sales page, you may not be able to justify it completely which is the main reason for very low conversion sale

Once you complete the review, what is the next step ? Creating eye catchy titles.

If you have an excellent content but your title, even though is relevant to the post but not catchy enough, users may not click it.

If the user isn’t clicking the title and not coming to your blog/site, what’s the use of your content,even it is great ?

If you are in 1st position of Google, you need not worry but in case if you are ranking in 5th/8th/7th position you may get very less traffic because 1st/2nd/3rd positions take almost 75 to 90% of the main keyword traffic.

But if your post has a killer title, then you may get few more additional clicks than normal, because of the interest created.

Here is the list of titles compiled, which are most commonly seen online during affiliate promotions of any product/service and making great revenues from it.

Not all are killer titles but are certainly good enough to draw some attention.

There are some negative titles also like SCAM /Does it Work/ which are often used, but try to justify your post accordingly.

Also, do read for the terms & conditions because some product owners don’t want to get their product promoted, using negative strategies.

List of 30+ Killer Titles [most commonly used]

  • <keyword> – Review
  • <keyword> – Scam or Not ?
  • <keyword> – Does it Work or Scam ?
  • <keyword> – System Exposed
  • <keyword> – Blue Print Review – **The Honest Truth Revealed**
  • <keyword> – Download
  • <keyword> – Special Discount
  • <keyword> – Should I buy It ?
  • <keyword> – Get Discount Now
  • <keyword> – Members Area Preview
  • <keyword> – Review and Bonus
  • <keyword> – Hype or Scam ?
  • Don’t Use The <keyword> – Before You Read This
  • <keyword>Review – Is It Worth Money ?
  • Does <keyword>Actually Work ?
  • <keyword> – Special Discount & Bonuses
  • <keyword> – Exclusive Bonuses [Limited Time Only]
  • [Limited Time Offer] – <keyword> – Review & Exclusive Bonuses
  • [Exclusive Bonus] – <keyword> Review [Limited Time Only]
  • Don’t Buy – <keyword> Without Reading This !!!
  • <keyword>Review – Get The Facts Before You Buy It !!!
  • <keyword>Review – Watch Before You Buy
  • <keyword> – The ULTIMATE Review
  • <keyword> – HONEST Review
  • <keyword>Review | FREE Download Bonus !
  • <keyword> – Can you Really Make Money ?
  • My Experience With <keyword>
  • <keyword>Review + Inside Sneak Peak
  • How To Make Money Using <keyword>?
  • [Guide] <keyword> – Make Money Online Strategies
  • <keyword> – Real Customer Review | Must See Before Buying
  • <keyword> – My Experience

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