Top 10 Actions Which Can Get Your Google Adsense Account Disabled !!!

This article provides you the list of top 10 reasons which you should take care to protect your Adsense account.

Getting an Adsense account is a tough job, but making sure that it doesn’t violate any of the terms and conditions is the more tedious task.

Also, when coming to the base practices, Adsense team is very strict in getting the accounts disabled or banned.

These rules are not much difficult to follow if you carefully go through each of them and make sure everything is as perfect as Google wants.

Top 10 Reasons For Adsense Account Disabled 1

In case if you have received Google Adsense Violation, then check the below reference guide on addressing the issue.

[Guide] – How To Fix Google Adsense Violation?

 Top 10 Reasons For Google Adsense Account Closure

  • Never click on your ads or the ads which get displayed on your website/blog.
  • Do not buy traffic even though they claim to be Adsense safe. Google is smart enough to catch those strategies.
  • Do not use copyrighted content on your blog along with the Adsense which could easily land up your account in trouble.
  • Do not offer any incentives or gifts to click your ads.
  • Never use any bots/automated tools to get traffic or clicks.
  • Do not create any software/browser extensions/toolbars which contain your ads.
  • Do not confuse the users by aligning your ads near Menus/Navigation fields.
  • Never place your ads near download links/download buttons.
  • Do not use irrelevant keywords to control the ads on your blog.Say, if your blog gives out information about gardening, do not write articles having keywords related to finance.
  • Always take care of the content on your blog. No disturbing images/content glorifying violence/adult content is permitted. Also, the article should be legal for everyone.
  • Do not ask your friends or relatives to click on the ads on your website.
  • Do not place your ads on scrolling widgets.

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