Top 10 Mistakes To Overcome To Build A Successful Blog

During my early days to online marketing, I have seen several works from home advertisements, and the one which topped my list is data entry jobs.

Even though there were several data entry jobs many of them were like scammers who didn’t pay money after doing the work.( I got this information from my friends).

Later blogging started taking its position in the online industry.

Many of them started blogging to share their experiences (personal blogs) then later it was the time for technical advancements.

Soon there were technology blogs, finance blogs, help blogs, money making blogs and niche blogs.

BlogFailure 1

The reason why many blogs are failing is that – missing the mission of the blog and not able to wait for enough time to grow the blog.

Every day there are 100’s of new blogs getting created whose central intention is to make money online and that too quick money or fast money.

If money making is the primary intention to start a blog then clearly it doesn’t work that way.

Many of the successful bloggers whom we see today had worked hard for years to build such brand, and that is now making their income.

But the sad thing to see is that many readers get more enthusiastic about these successful bloggers and try to make or create a blog expecting instant success which isn’t possible to get in overnight.

Top 10 Reasons For Blog Failures

  • Defining The Mission of The Blog
  • Writing Substandard Articles
  • Writing Articles That Doesn’t Suite Your Blog Readers
  • Missing The Schedule Time & Also Missing Updates
  • Promoting Affiliate Products Which Aren’t Worth
  • Missing Communication With Blog Readers
  • No Participation With Other Blog Networks(At least in the Same Niche)
  • Starting a Blog With An Intention To Make Money
  • Articles that aren’t SEO Optimized
  • Not Using Social Media

and last but not the least


Whatever might be your blog, please allow it some time to grow.

It is like a seed just planted which needs to be water in the form of good articles.

With time the seed grows to plant and so does the blog.

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