A List of the Best Content Marketing Tools You Can Use Today

Content marketers are always looking for ways to supercharge their productivity and efforts.

While they can create great content from scratch, leveraging the right content marketing tools helps them save time and get the job done easier.

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Do you need suggestions on the best content marketing tools to use?

I have prepared a list of my favorite ones below.

They’ll help you source and organize great ideas, create awesome graphics, proofread, share, and track the performance of your blog post.

Table of Contents

  • Generate content ideas
    • 1. BuzzSumo
    • 2. Quora
    • 3. Feedly
  • Store, organize and share your topics
    • 4. Trello
    • 5. Wunderlist
    • 6. Dropbox
  • Create, brand and edit images
    • 7. PicMonkey
    • 8. Canva
    • 9. Pablo by Buffer
  • Boost content performance and visibility
    • 10. Yoast SEO
    • 11. Social Warfare
    • 12. AWeber
  • Track your content marketing efforts
    • 13. Google Analytics
    • 14. Cyfe
  • Final Word

Generate content ideas

1. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is one of the top content marketing tools to discover which topics are performing well.


Simply enter your keyword/s. BuzzSumo’s free version will show you 10 results, with the first one having the most engagement and social shares.

2. Quora

Quora is a Q&A website where you can find the hottest discussions on a topic of interest.


You can check questions that most people are asking.

Try answering their questions through a detailed blog post and for sure, many readers will love it.

3. Feedly

Brainstorm the latest content marketing ideas that apply to your niche.


Using Feedly, you can compile and organize your top favorite websites in one place.

Read their posts via Feedly and start bookmarking topics you think you can find another angle on with your blog post.

Store, organize and share your topics

4. Trello

If you run a team of content writers, use Trello to assign topics to each member.


Creating to-do lists, and adding links, files, and comments have never been easier with this tool.

Move each card from one list to another to track your progress.

5. Wunderlist

While Wunderlist helps people get stuff done through to-do lists, content marketers use it to create a rough draft of their future blog post ideas.


Are you working with someone?

Wunderlist lets you share your notes and tasks with anyone.

6. Dropbox

Everybody knows that Dropbox allows us to back up our important files in the cloud.


However, it’s already becoming more useful among content marketers who would like to keep a file of their ideas.

Files can be accessed from any device.

Create, brand and edit images

7. PicMonkey

Got no graphic design skills?

PicMonkey is an online photo editing tool that’s very simple to use.



With this content marketing tool, you can add text, filters, overlays, and frames to your images.

Resize them with PicMonkey to prevent slow loading pages.

8. Canva

Do you need to produce infographics quickly for free?

You’ll be delighted with Canva’s wide selection of options that will help you in the creative process.



Choose from any background, shape, text, color, and icon to match your topic and branding needs.

9. Pablo by Buffer

Pablo by Buffer is another image creation tool that’s great for creating image quotes.


Though it doesn’t have a lot of filters to choose from, what you’ll like about it is its library of over 60,000 free photos to match any blog post topic you have.

Boost content performance and visibility

10. Yoast SEO

Exclusively built for WordPress sites, Yoast SEO can boost your content marketing efforts by improving your content’s readability and SEO performance.


It gives you real-time feedback on the best practices to enhance your content while you write it.

11. Social Warfare

Every piece of content these days is expected to have social sharing buttons.


Social Warfare is an essential plugin that gets your content in front of wider audiences in social media thereby increasing your blog traffic.

You’ll be able to display and track your shares.

12. AWeber

As an email marketing tool, AWeber enables you to automatically share your newly published blog posts to your email subscribers.


It has an RSS to email feature that creates newsletters from your RSS. That way, your audience stays updated with your brand.

Track your content marketing efforts

13. Google Analytics

There are several ways to use Google Analytics and one of them is to check how well your content is performing.


You can see your content’s main traffic source, titles that get the most clicks, the demographic data of people who engaged with your content, and more.

14. Cyfe

A tool that checks the impact of your content on multiple platforms at once is Cyfe.


Basically, you’ll be able to condense everything you want to track in one place – from your traffic to your competitors’ latest pieces of content.

Final Word

It’s also worth mentioning that aside from leveraging the tools I just mentioned, hiring passionate writers can seriously boost your content marketing campaigns.

For more resources to help you with blogging and content marketing, we recommend that you check out MomFuse.com.

If you have other great free tools that weren’t mentioned here, I would love to know them in the comments below.

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