How To Create A PayPal Invoice

This is a step by step guide with detailed screenshots, to understand the process of creating an invoice in PayPal.

PayPal online invoicing is a free to use system, that allows you to send invoices to your clients/customers.

Using this system, you can send invoices by email and get paid to your PayPal account.

An invoice is actually a payment request for the goods or services which you have provided to your customer.

It is used by merchants, freelancers, designers, charities, consultants, web developers etc.

PayPal Invoice – Overview

PayPal invoice allows you to add the details of your business information, invoice details, recipient’s details, mode of currency (USD/AUD/GBP/INR/etc..) , item details, tax rates (if applicable), quantity, etc.

You can also tell the system to bill by hrs or quantity, payments terms & due date.

Their invoice management system is also very good because you can easily find , track & manage the invoices and payments.

You can also print your invoice and send it in the mail or you can export your invoice summary into a spreadsheet.

How Does The PayPal Invoice System Works ?

  • Create an invoice & send it to your client (by default you can send it from PayPal with a click)
  • Your client receives the invoice through email which contains link to view the invoice. There are 2 ways in which client can pay you.
    • Client pays you online to your PayPal account. Here you will directly get the payment to your PayPal account.
    • Client pays you via cheque, credit/debit card or directly cash. Here you will be updating Paypal with the details of the received payment

Guide To Create PayPal Invoice

It is very easy to create a PayPal invoice.

Here are the step by step screenshot details to make it more clear.

Step 1 : Login To Your PayPal Account.

Step 2 : Click on Send & Request

Step 3 : Click on “Create an Invoice”

Step 4 : You can either use the default PayPal default template (or) create a new template.

As the PayPal default template suites most of the requirements, it can be used.

Step 5 : The template has various sections. Fill the template accordingly with the necessary details. Most of the fields are self explanatory.

Now, that you know the process in detail, use it to create your own Paypal Invoices for your business transactions.

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