7 Ways To Build Strong Customer Relationships

Customers are the lifeblood of any business. They are the reason why a company succeeds.

As you grow your business, building strong relationships with your customers should be your priority.

This compels them to stay with you and help you attract more audiences through positive word of mouth.

Strong relationships do not happen overnight.

They require regular communication and a constant give-and-take.

In this article, I have put together 7 ways for you to strengthen your customer relationships.

Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will be able to apply what you have learned so you can see results coming!

Table of Contents 

  • 1. Be honest about your product.
  • 2. Provide great customer service.
  • 3. Keep in touch.
  • 4. Reward loyal customers.
  • 5. Create valuable content.
  • 6. Host webinars.
  • 7. Always thank them.
  • Final Thoughts

1. Be honest about your product.

Honesty is always a key ingredient to gain people’s trust and confidence.

Each time you interact with your customers, there is a certain level of trust that’s built.


Once you break it, you can’t expect any purchase to happen again.

Some people are naturally skeptical while some have encountered negative experiences in the past when they bought something online.

As a rule, be truthful in everything you claim about your product.

Below are some ways for you to practice honesty:

State the pros and cons.

If you are an affiliate and create product reviews, don’t just state the pros.

Make sure to outline the cons as well.

Whatever you’re promoting, know that there is no perfect product.

If you’re honest about its flaws, people will value you as a reputable resource.

Feature other people’s opinions.

Online customers want to know what other people think about a product and whether it helped them solve a need or a problem.

After you have gathered feedback from your users, don’t hesitate to include their opinions in your review.

Provide case studies from real users.

Case studies from people who have actually purchased and used your product provide strong social proof.

Unlike a typical customer review, case studies are more detailed and validate people’s experiences.

2. Provide great customer service.

Did you have a negative experience making a purchase online?

What did the company do to address your situation?

Were you satisfied with how you were accommodated?

Poor customer service sends out a message to customers that a company is not really focused on them.

If someone who bought your product has a concern and contacts you, treat the person the way you want to be treated.

According to eMarketer, consumers are more drawn to companies that create customer-focused environments. People appreciate it when you are accountable and easy to do business with.

You’ll be able to deliver great customer service by:

Being readily available.

Let people know how they can reach you. Show your contact details – your email address, social media details, and business phone number.

Really listen to your customers.

If you were in your customer’s place, you would be furious over a company that displays arrogance instead of listening to your concerns.

When you listen, not only will you be able to address the situation better, you’ll also know which areas to improve on.

Admit if you’ve made a mistake.

Again, no business is perfect. If you made a mistake, don’t cover it up. Apologize to your customer and make things right.

3. Keep in touch.

The more often you stay in touch with your customers, they will remember you.

Start by growing an email list. An email list allows you to send regular email updates to your customers about your latest offers.

keep in touch

When sending out emails, always provide something valuable. Never sound salesy.

Aside from email marketing, there are more effective ways to keep in touch with your customers:

Social media

This is where you will find most of your customers. Being present on multiple social platforms allows you to have a wider reach. Make sure to provide your social details in your About page so people can follow you.


If you have identified customers who run their own blogs, pay their blogs a visit and leave a valuable comment.

If they’ve left a comment on your blog, be polite enough to respond too! Here’s a blog commenting tool you’ll love – Comment Luv.

Take note of personal details

If you know anything about your customers aside from their names, keep notes of those valuable pieces of information.

Their details will help you create more personalized emails which they will appreciate.

4. Reward loyal customers.

Rewarding your repeat customers is a wonderful way to solidify your relationship.

According to Entrepreneur, a loyalty program provides positive reinforcement that helps prevent customers from choosing a competitor over you.

An effective loyalty program is one that is able to keep customers coming. There are several ways for you to reward people. They include the following:

Feature a customer every month.

One way to reward your loyal customers is to highlight them on your homepage.

Show a picture of them using your product.

This is a way of letting them know that their purchase has made an impact on your brand.

Reward referrals.

Customers will be more inspired to promote your brand if you reward them each time they bring in a new customer.

Provide discounts and special offers.

Reward your email subscribers by providing them exclusive discounts and offers.

Not only will this delight them, this will also entice more people to sign up.

5. Create valuable content.

Improve your customers experiences through inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing entails promoting your brand by providing real value to your audience through content creation.

valuable content

Having a blog section of your website lets people discover free helpful tips and knowledge about your niche.

A blog post that educates attracts both repeat and new customers.

If you want to be the go-to resource in your industry, be thorough in your guides.

Never stop doing research so you can always provide something new to teach your audience.

Discover what people want to know more about.

Do not assume that you have all the answers your customers are looking for.

Visit a Q & A site such as Quora where you can find real discussions on several topics.

Make your blog post readable and understandable.

Can people easily scan and understand your content or is it a pain to read?

Always use simple language, make your sentences short, use headings, and include numbered lists.

People should be able to easily share your content.

Make it simple for your audience to share your content with the world by adding social sharing buttons to your website.

Here’s a tool to help you get more social shares – Social Warfare.

6. Host webinars.

A webinar or a web-based seminar helps make your business more personal.

It’s not only an effective marketing tool, it’s also a way to connect with your existing customers to keep them engaged.

Basically, a webinar is a live lecture or seminar where you provide an in-depth discussion about an interesting topic in your industry.

WordStream mentions that your webinar can cover a thorough how-to tutorial or an interview with a thought leader.

Below are some tips for conducting a webinar:


Don’t cram. Plan your webinar properly to make it successful.

Decide on the format you’ll follow (interview style, interactive, or single presenter), the number of your participants, and the best webinar tool to use.

Avoid unnecessary background noise.

Distractions are common when you conduct your webinar from your home office.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you run the webinar in a quiet room.

Put your phone in a silent mode and turn off all notifications.

Offer an incentive.

Neil Patel suggests rewarding attendees who stayed throughout your entire webinar.

The incentive can either be a bonus e-book or a transcript (PDF version) of the webinar.

7. Always thank them.

Never forget to express your gratitude online.


Saying a simple “thank you” to your customers for doing business with you or for providing valuable feedback about your product makes them feel valued.

People will be more than willing to pay for your product in the future if you get more personal with them.

Final Thoughts

Because your customers are the reason why your business exists, invest in them.

Do not just focus on acquiring new prospects.

Instead, make an effort to retain your current audience.

A negative feedback is the last thing you need today.

Meet your business goals by strengthening your customer relationships.

Do you keep all your customers happy?

What methods do you use?

Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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