Evergreen Content: A Successful Blog’s Secret

Are you struggling with ideas for your next blog post?

Do you want your posts to stay relevant and valuable to your audience for years to come?

Here’s the answer to your dilemma: Evergreen Content.

Evergreen Content

What is evergreen content and why does this kind of content matter for your blog?

This post will discuss the basics of evergreen content and its benefits.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Evergreen Content?
  • The Benefits Of Evergreen Content For Your Blog
    • 1. Increases your web traffic and SEO rankings.
    • 2. Improves your brand’s discoverability.
    • 3. Gets you lots of quality backlinks.
  • Useful Tips On Creating Evergreen Content
  • Final Thoughts

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is the kind of content that is less sensitive to time.

It’s timeless and will always be needed by your target audience.

This content offers practical, day-to-day advice for readers who want to know more about a topic.

Here are examples of evergreen content:

  • “How-to” tutorials (videos or articles)
  • Tips, techniques, secrets, strategies, top lists
  • Product reviews
  • Industry definitions/glossaries
  • Interviews with industry experts
  • Common concepts
  • Success stories/case studies

Remember that evergreen content does not refer to…

  • Statistics and reports
  • News reports
  • Trends
  • Blog posts about a particular holiday or season

Topics that are often tackled in evergreen posts include love, diet and exercise, food, parenting, career, and money.

While it is tempting and much easier to write about events that are happening right now, they will only last for a certain period of time.

They’re for readers who are already knowledgeable about an industry and are seeking for current/future updates.

Evergreen content makes you a thought leader, the go-to resource for consumers of all levels most especially beginners.

Great evergreen posts are aimed towards beginners. Basic topics have longer shelf lives.

The Benefits Of Evergreen Content For Your Blog

According to an evergreen content case study published by Moz, timeless content attracts more links and traffic.

This means higher conversions.

The best thing about creating evergreen posts is that they help you build trust with potential customers by providing them with indispensable knowledge.

As you run your online business, make sure to include evergreen content in your overall marketing strategy.

Below are its benefits for your blog:

1. Increases your web traffic and SEO rankings.

If you want a boost in your traffic and SEO performance, go ahead and craft timeless content.

The reason behind this is that nearly all visitors enter the same keywords no matter the time or season.


For example, users often use keywords such as “how to lose weight” or “how to make money online.”

Such topics never have expiration dates.

Unlike trending content, you’re sure to generate a steady, increasing flow of traffic with evergreen content.

Google loves evergreen posts. It rewards pieces of timeless content by giving them higher rankings.

It does not matter if you run a small business.

You’ll have better chances of competing against bigger companies in search results.

2. Improves your brand’s discoverability.

According to Smart Insights, evergreen content gets more shares on social media over time than the latest news.

This explains why until now older pieces of content are being revisited and shared countless times.

brand’s discoverability

Because evergreen content is widely shared across social networks, especially on Facebook where most users are found, this increases your opportunity to be discovered by potential customers.

To make your content more shareable, add beautiful and fast social sharing buttons.

If you haven’t heard of Social Warfare, it’s a plugin that boosts your social shares.

You’ll also be able to display social proof by featuring your total share counts.

3. Gets you lots of quality backlinks.

Yes, creating evergreen content is a pure and natural way to drive more quality backlinks to your site.

A backlink is an incoming link your blog gets from another blog.

Quality Backlinks

Since evergreen content stays relevant, on-topic and up-to-date, you are giving other websites more reasons to link to your resources.

When crafting evergreen content, remember to provide value to your readers.

Educate them and offer solutions to their problems.

Useful Tips On Creating Evergreen Content

It takes a lot of effort to create evergreen content because you need to be sure that what you’ll be publishing stays interesting to your visitors.

Now that you have a good idea of what evergreen content is and how it contributes to your blog’s success, below are tips for you to plan and create evergreen content…

Find a topic to write about and be specific.

For example, instead of writing about “how to be productive,” it would be better to make it “10 ways to be productive at work.”

Continue to revisit your evergreen posts.

Though evergreen content is less likely to change, it still pays to update minor details which you think would help.

However, updating these details should be very easy to do.

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers.

Start by writing about basic topics (such as beginner guides) before slowly progressing to more advanced ones.

Remember, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Make your content more readable.

Write in shorter sentences and paragraphs. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points.

Include relevant keywords which your audience might be using to search for information online.

Start by doing keyword research. Here are some keyword research tools – Keyword Tool and Keyword Shitter.

Elaborate on the topic you are discussing.

Offer expert advice but sound friendly. Avoid jargon so everyone understands you.

Track the performance of your other evergreen posts.

Use Google Analytics. See which ones get more engagement. Use this information so you can write about similar topics in the future.

Final Thoughts

If you’re aiming for long-term results, you’ll never go wrong creating evergreen content.

Unless you already have a huge number of loyal readers, you should be publishing how-to guides, reviews, and basic concepts that get more exposure.

What’s your experience with evergreen content?

Do you follow other techniques in producing evergreen posts aside from the ones mentioned earlier?

Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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