[Guide] Ways To Fix Google Adsense Violation

[Red Alert] – Google Adsense Violation Notification

Recently, when I have logged into my AdSense account, this small red alert notification about Adsense violation, got displayed on my screen.

I was puzzled, trying to recollect if I have done something wrong but wasn’t successful enough.

Thanks to Google Adsense Team, for displaying a “view details” hyperlink immediately next to the violation which caught my attention and made my work easier.

How To Address Google Adsense Violation 1

The new screen (after clicking “view details” ) clearly stated that Violation, Notification Date, Status, Consequence and my Site Name.

It also provided me with an example URL of the article which had violated the Google terms.

It clearly said that

Publishers are not permitted to promote the abuse of any Google product, such as YouTube, Orkut, or Blogger. This includes providing the means to circumvent the policies of these or other Google products, such as by

  •         Allowing users to download YouTube videos
  •         Mimicing the Google user interface or frame Google services, such as Google Finance or Google News
  •         Implying having an affiliation or partnership with Google
  •         Primarily offering “get rich quick” or other schemes involving Google products
  •         Containing Google’s trademarked terms in the site’s URL

How To Address Google Adsense Violation 2 1

So, what did I violate?

I have a giveaway blog (genuine licenses only) where I had written an article about downloading Youtube videos in the HD format using a web-based tool.

Now, according to Google, that is a violation (see that 1st rule above).

I thought I was helping others but didn’t know that could land me in trouble.

I have immediately deleted that article and searched my blog to find if there are any other articles which could be subjected to some violations.

That was a good step because I could find another article which mentioned about some other software for downloading youtube videos.

I did say good step because this article wasn’t shown to me in the example URL.

I deleted both of these articles and marked them resolved.

Google after verification, finally removed the error message.

Note: These 2 articles were almost 1 year old, but Google is always Google :P. It doesn’t matter the violated article is a newly published one or an old one.

Am I lucky enough to receive Google Adsense Violation Notification?

No/Yes. First of all, you receive this message when Google thinks that there is something wrong with the article(s) which contains your AdSense code.

So NO, you aren’t doing good in terms of Google.

Then why did I also say YES and what could be the reason? Guess !!!

You are lucky because there is something wrong and Google is allowing you to correct it.

Again I’m repeating.

Google didn’t disabled ads on the violated site, nor Google has banned your AdSense account.

You still have your AdSense account and Google is giving you 3 days to make the necessary changes.

How To Fix Google Adsense Violation?

Step 1: Login to your AdSense account. Click on “View Details” link

How To Address Google Adsense Violation 1 1

Step 2 : Policy Violations shows up with the relevant details. Example URL will help you to identify the URL of the article which caused this violation. [Note that status is Unresolved]

How To Address Google Adsense Violation 2

Step 3: Navigate to your violated article and change the content and the title.

But I would say instead of changing, just delete the article (if not required) to make sure about playing a safe game with Adsense.

Step 4: Also, search for any other articles on your blog which are not in compliance with Google products.

Step 5: Once you have made the relevant changes, navigate to Policy Violations screen in your AdSense account.

Step 6: Click on “Mark Resolved”

Step 7: Select “I have made changes” checkbox along with the type of modification.

How To Address Google Adsense Violation 3

Step 8: Status is now changed to “Resolved“. Google team verifies your action and in case if everything is compliant to their policies, they remove the warning message.

How To Address Google Adsense Violation 4

I have explained everything in detail with the help of these screenshots.

Please share it and let your friends and readers know about fixing this Adsense violation issue.

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