12 Best Guerrilla Marketing Ideas That Work

Online and offline businesses don’t need to have a huge budget in order to succeed.

Some people refuse to believe this. Do you?

If you seriously dream of running a thriving brick-and-mortar store or blog, there are great alternatives to traditional and expensive promotional methods.


And believe me, these unique techniques give you a chance to beat bigger competitors.


Table of Contents

  • What Is Guerrilla Marketing?
  • Benefits Of Guerrilla Marketing
    • 1. Affordability
    • 2. Potential to go viral
    • 3. Build partnerships
  • Top 12 Online And Offline Guerilla Marketing Ideas To Try
    • Online Guerilla Marketing Ideas:
      • #1: Launch a giveaway contest on social media
      • #2: Maintain a consistent brand identity
      • #3: Circulate a free e-book
      • #4: Use Facebook’s live streaming
      • #5: Share memes
      • #6: Join Facebook groups
    • Offline Guerilla Marketing Ideas:
      • #7: Printed t-shirts
      • #8: Sticky notes
      • #9: Clever stickers
      • #10: Flashmob
      • #11: Pressure wash stained cement
      • #12: Give away free samples
  • Conclusion

What Is Guerrilla Marketing?

You hear of the term “guerrilla” and you associate it with the words rebellion, unconventional, and unofficial.

Well, guerrilla marketing refers to any marketing tactic that relies on pure creativity and originality.

Basically, it is a zero to a low-cost form of marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, this strategy does not violate the best industry practices!

Neither is it offensive and disruptive. Instead, it injects the element of surprise.

Because of this, audiences exposed to your brand messages will be caught off-guard.

They cannot help but appreciate your uniqueness.

Benefits Of Guerrilla Marketing

1. Affordability

Perhaps this is the biggest advantage of guerrilla marketing ideas: They’re extremely affordable.

Don’t have money for print or online advertising?

You can still get people’s attention in amazing, unexpected ways.

2. Potential to go viral

Customers are fed up with intrusive advertisements.

Guerilla marketing ideas allow you to build buzz on a budget.

A combination of resourcefulness, time, and effort gets you the same level of public attention as with ads.

3. Build partnerships

Collaboration strengthens any marketing campaign.

Instead of competing with other brands, why not partner with one another and delight your customers with some free treat?

Both of you will be able to attract more people through combined efforts.

Top 12 Online And Offline Guerilla Marketing Ideas To Try

Read on to discover how to win your best customers over with these 12 effective budget-friendly tactics.

They’re easy to implement.

If you’re in, let’s get started.

Online Guerilla Marketing Ideas:

#1: Launch a giveaway contest on social media

Many businesses nowadays run photo contests on social media.

Instagram is a popular platform.

Photo contests also help you collect user-generated content.

You can ask your audiences to take photos of themselves with your product.

Let them share it and use your campaign hashtag so you can track your contest.


#2: Maintain a consistent brand identity

Being consistent with your branding is a very simple yet powerful way to market your business.

Here’s an example. Choose something to use consistently on every blog post you create.

It can be a color palette, logo, or video.

#3: Circulate a free e-book

You can hire an affordable writer or write an e-book yourself if you have more time.

An ebook is a smart means of accomplishing many business goals:

  • Position yourself as an authority in your industry
  • Address a real need in your audience and earn their trust
  • Collect people’s email addresses (the e-book is basically a lead magnet)

#4: Use Facebook’s live streaming

Step up your social media game by using Facebook’s awesome new feature: Live streaming.

Capitalize on this opportunity to be able to connect with your audience better.

Q&A sessions are a winner for Facebook Live.

Invite people to ask you things they want to know more about.

Demonstrate your expertise by answering them.

At the same time, you can use their questions to craft your next blog post.

#5: Share memes

Memes have become a valuable part of the online culture.

They’re mysterious, funny, catchy, and sarcastic.

The trick to a meme that gets viral attention is to pick the right image.

You have two options: Take a unique picture of you or your product, or use something that’s already popular among online audiences.

#6: Join Facebook groups

These ones for businesses out there that want to get more traffic to their website.

Join a Facebook group related to your niche and engage in discussions.

Your goal is to identify a prominent need in your audience.

This is where you’ll be promoting your brand and your solutions.

Offline Guerilla Marketing Ideas:

#7: Printed t-shirts

Creative t-shirts are among the best guerrilla marketing ideas.

You and your team wear a shirt with your printed domain name on it.

Wear it wherever you go.

Now that’s a walking ad at a low cost!

If not, another way to use funny, branded shirts for guerrilla marketing is to give them away as your prize during your social media contest.

#8: Sticky notes

Print sticky notes or use a colored pen to scribble on them.

Both ways work to brilliantly promote your business on a budget.

Put a sticky note on dressing room mirrors, sidewalk walls, and anywhere your customers might be.

What to write in your notes?

Cool ideas include fun facts and inspirational messages.

At the bottom of your note, write your Instagram campaign hashtag or domain name.

#9: Clever stickers

Stickers are another tried-and-true means to promote your business.

Surprise passersby with a sticker than seamlessly integrates into an urban structure.

The image below is an example of a guerrilla marketing sticker by Swiss Skydive.

To give people a feel for their skydive experience, they put an optical illusion sticker on an elevator floor.


#10: Flashmob

Flash mobs instantly boost recognition.

They’re a great guerrilla marketing technique for startup brands and small business shops.

Stage a flash mob performance and plan a brilliant story behind it to showcase your business.

If you need inspiration, you can get a ton of them on YouTube.

11: Pressure wash stained cement

An alternative to a sidewalk chalk is pressure washing a stained cement.

If you can find a dirty wall in your neighborhood, use a pressure hose and stencil to create an image of your brand message with your logo.

It’s simple and very catchy.

#12: Give away free samples

Everyone loves free stuff.

Give people a taste of your new product by offering free samples on your launch week.

You can find such scenario in grocery stores and malls.

Free samples make it easier for people to trust your product without making any short-term commitment.


Now that you have twelve ideas to promote your business online and offline, you can start planning your very own low-cost campaign.

Focus on delighting your prospects with an unexpected surprise.

Again, successful marketing doesn’t have to be costly.

Do you have more guerilla marketing ideas to add to this list?

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