Blog Smart Guide is a blog that focuses on the learning strategies that help our readers to understand the basic concepts which work in the current scenario.

It is still in the growing phase and there are lot more updates to come in the near future.

Initially, was a bit skeptical about accepting guest posts because I first wanted to build it with great resources that are helpful to the readers of Blog Smart Guide.

But after seeing some of the guest post requests from various writers, I decided to open the doors for Guest Posts. We welcome articles from you as long as they are informative and learning based.

What Are Accepted Zoners ?

Preference will be given to those articles which stress on

  •  Case Studies
  •  Newbie Settings/Working Guide
  •  Wordpress/Blogging Strategies/Joomla/etc.
  •  Link building Strategies
  •  Free Resources

What we Don’t Accept

  •  Less Quality Posts which are meant only to build backlinks
  •  Personal Reviews Articles
  •  Posts that promote SEO Companies
  •  Post that are not relevant to our readers

Guidelines For Posting Guest Articles

  • The articles must be above 600+ words, well formatted and structured into appropriate paragraphs.
  • It should contain the headlines accordingly and they should be in H2 tags.
  • Posts must be relevant to the topics mentioned above. We have the right to deny the posts in they don’t cater the needs of Blog Smart Guide.
  • Once the article is published, it should not be published elsewhere. Failing to adhere this will result in the article deletion and the author bio from all the previous guest posts.
  • The article must contain at-least one relevant image. Proper attribution should be given where ever required.
  • We do not tolerate copyright issues. The posted article should be your original work and shouldn’t appear else where online. Once the article is posted the copyright of it belongs to Blog Smart Guide.
  • All the links should be relevant to the topic.
  • We allow max. of 2 links ( shouldn’t be SPAM/lottery/gambling/porn/etc.) at-most in your author bio. If you have already used 1 link the article then your author bio can contain a max. of 1 link.
  • Your own picture as a gravatar is must. So, please chose your email which contains your image. Without it we will not consider your post.
  • Your author bio shouldn’t be more than 5 to 6 lines.
  • All the comments have to be replied accordingly.
  •  Please note that we reserves the rights to remove links , bio or the article itself .

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