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We have previously published an awesome interview with Valsamis, Udemy Instructor & iOS Developer, who shared his secrets behind $1500+ revenue which was generated within just 2 months. In case if you have missed it, check the below resource.


So, let us start with our 2nd exclusive interview on BlogSmartGuide with István Szép, who is one of the successful instructors on Udemy. Here is the detailed interview. Enjoy !!!

Success Strategies – István Szép Interview

Q: Hello István Szép, Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a freelance graphic designer from Budapest, Hungary.


I draw cute characters and illustration, create clever logos and I teach others online how to design!

Q: You are a Graphics Designer, Illustrator & Design teacher. What is your source of inspiration?

Of course work of other designers online – Pinterest is a great source lately – and for my illustrations cartoons and comics are a big inspiration.

Q: Did you remember anything about getting your 1st client in your career? How did it help you to plan ahead?

Well, I started freelancing in 2009, after working a few years as an employee.

But my first client I think was much earlier in 2003, when I created a website for a rock festival.

It didn’t pay too well, but I could be creative with it and it made me understand that this is what I want to do.

Q: What are the tools that help you to create your graphic designs and illustrating works?

Good question! Most designers use Adobe products as an industry standard.

By accident I found Inkscape a few years ago – I needed a free vector graphic software for my students – and since than I use that for almost everything: logo design, web design and illustration as well.

It is a free tool, so I try to give back to the community whenever I can!

Q: How did you get an idea to start a course on Udemy? What were your first thoughts?


I started to draw live on youtube (my channel: and people started to ask and follow, and someone said I should try Udemy.

My live drawing videos are partly for fun, I just draw for myself and explain what I do at the moment.

They are not tutorials and certainly not A-Z courses. So this is what I was planning to do on Udemy.

I was thinking that I might make a little extra, and spread the knowledge, so why not. I didn’t think it would be this successful!

Q: Can you please explain about your 1st course on Udemy? How did you plan your course creation process?

My first course was Learn to draw with Inkscape now! – teaching all I know about this graphic design program.

I stopped teaching in the college 2 years ago, and I missed it very much, so I organized my knowledge about Inkscape and just went for it.

As a teacher I knew how to build a course, but I checked the help on Udemy – it is really valuable if you are a newcomer!

Q: What are your other courses present on Udemy? What is the criteria which you follow about which topic is good for creating a new course ?

I have 2 more courses at the moment, one about web design with Inkscape, the other Game art design for free – yes with Inkscape too!

The first was to show that you can create modern, quality website layout with free programs – as I do as well and my clients are very happy.

The other came after so many people asked straight for this information, and I do little 2D games as well.


So explaining the animation, the character design etc. was something I wanted to do anyways.


Q: What were the softwares helpful to you in creating your courses?

I use Camstudio, a free screen recorder tool. And simply edit my videos in Movie maker, not adding effects or anything fancy.

Q: Can you please explain about your immediate steps, after publishing your courses?

Well, first I celebrate! 🙂 Creating a good course is hard work, I have to take the time to acknowledge that.

But seriously: I take a rest from it and think about how to market it.

I post coupons on my Facebook and Google plus page.

Then I post the introduction video on my Youtube channel – also with some coupon codes.

After that I create a nice image and send a promotional announcement to my students on Udemy – once again, with a coupon code attached.

Than -and this is a great part! – I upload the same material to Skillfeed.


Because the courses you create are yours, you can sell them on any other platform.

So why not try and reach out using other services as well!

Q: Did you offer any FREE coupons and discount coupons for your courses? What are your views on this activity? Should the instructors offer Free coupons and discount coupons? What are your views on getting your coupons shared on Black Hat Forums?

I give out free coupon for other instructors.

I have mixed feelings about the Black hat forums.

People who get the leaked keys, hardly ever finish the courses.

They just collect it.

The only positive thing about this is that it is a good feedback: I mean if people won’t take your course even if it is free, how good it can be?

Q: Did you promote your courses or was it completely through Udemy organic traffic? If you have promoted, can you please share your promotional strategies and the websites/coupon sites that were helpful?

As I said earlier, I promote it on social media (Facebok, Google+ and Youtube).

But I am constantly seeking sites where I can promote.


One of them is Inkydeal, which is a promotion site for design related digital goods.

The bundle is not active yet, but it seems as a good opportunity.

Also, I try to contact groups and companies whose clients or fan base could relate to my course.

For example, for my Game art course, I contacted game developer groups.

Q: How do you plan about pricing your courses?

I follow Udemy’s pricing tips more or less. They say each course hour should count as $15-$30.


But than I just priced my first course ending with 7 and since than I price all of them like that.

Also, I test prices, I want to know what is better for the sales.

Q: Would you mind sharing your revenue details from Udemy?

Yes, no problem. I am almost at $2000 in less than 4 months.

There are better and worth months, but still, this is almost passive income aside my daily design work!

Q: What are your future plans?

Creating some more courses of course.


And continuing my design work with clients who value my expertise.

I have book about logo design principles, now only sold on my website.

I will also convert that and sell it on Amazon.


Udemy thought me that I can sell my knowledge and people are always grateful when someone is teaching what he knows.

Q: What are your suggestions for the people who are yet to start working on their goals?

Always try new things, new ideas, challenge yourself.

If something doesn’t work out, fine.

Learn your lesson, move on, do the next thing on your way towards your goals.

Oh, and don’t be afraid to share! Helping others and being kind comes back to you!

Q: What is the best way to reach you? Your website/contact details ?






So, that’s that end of the interview.

Hope, you have enjoyed it.

We thank István Szép for sharing his valuable experience with the readers of Blog Smart Guide.

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