Newbie Guide To Make Money Online From BitsDuJour Deals [Income Proof Inside]

There are several ways to make money online and here is the reference guide which allows you to make money from BitsDujour deals website.

This guide provides you the complete understanding of BitsDujour and the best ways to promote their products.

Just to motivate you, here is my recent BitsDujour affiliate sales report screenshot.

BitsDuJour Money Online 1

In case if you are expecting something very big, please note that $102.18USD may not be a huge amount but do remember that this is just one of the income sources to my online passive income.

With several such sources being added to my portfolio, I’m happy with my current earnings.

What is BitsDujour ?

BitsDujour provides various software deals, most of which are time-limited (24-hour deals) to convert the majority of the users into action takers.

It does cover software deals which are compatible with both Mac & PC, thus extending their base market.

There are few deals which are completely 100% free and the rest of them are heavily discounted.

There are several deal sites online, where BitsDuJour is completely focused on the software niche.

The below screenshot provides you an overview of BitsDujour categories and the display deals on their website.

BitsDuJour Money Online 02

BitsduJour – Affiliate System

BitsDuJour, in order to increase their deals exposure, calls for affiliates and pays them their share, whenever any user buys the deal products through affiliate referral links.

They have their own tracking system that makes use of cookies, javascript, hit logging, and IP address tracking to record the sales generated with your affiliate link.

The Affiliate Sales Report provides you the traffic reports (Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly) for promotions that generate any actual or potential sales.

BitsDuJour Money Online 3

How To Promote BitsduJour Deals?

You need not require any external approval to promote BitsDujour deals. You just have to sign up with the relevant details and you are ready to promote their daily deals.

There are different ways to promote BitsDujour deals. Below are the some of the best ways to promote them.

  • Promote to your readers on your blog.
  • Promote to your email list subscribers (Don’t SPAM).
  • Create a software forum and promote BitsDujour deals.
  • Create your own deals website site.
  • Use an exclusive Facebook FAN Page for deals.
  • Promote them on software forums
  • Include your BitsDujour affiliate link in your signature.

I haven’t used any other promotional strategies other than promoting them on my software blog (method-1 above) by placing the widgets generated through the BitsduJour affiliate account.

How To Generate Links & Ads

BitsDuJour affiliate accounts allow affiliate marketers to create their own advertisements based on their required. There are 2 ways to create advertisements.

1. Create Link Ads

2. Create Standard Ads

Link Ads allow you to promote the individual software whereas Standard  Ads generate the discount deals which are live on that moment.

After creating your affiliate account login to your member area.

Click on “Go To My Affiliate Account” option present on the left side bottom.

You can also navigate to your affiliate account by clicking the “Affiliate Account” link present on an extreme top right corner (check the 1st screenshot in this article).

Then click on “Generate Links & Ads”

BitsDuJour Money Online 04

How To Create Link Ads?

Link Ads are for those who want to promote products individually.

Here you have the flexibility to choose whichever products you wanted to promote.

There is also another advantage with the link ads.

You can choose the product links by clicking on “Get Links” option. It provides you direct links to “Buy Product”/”Review”/”Notify”/”Direct Download Link”.

The only disadvantage here is that once the product deal gets expired, customers are shown the deal expired page.

Hence, you need to manually change all those links to some new product deal.

BitsDuJour Money Online 5

How To Create Standard Ads?

Click on “Standard Ads” tab.

It provides you several ad formats (Vertical/Horizontal/Square) and other control options.

Select the options, according to your requirement, which generates the HTML iFrame code.

Copy it and paste it into your blog accordingly.

BitsDuJour Money Online 6

I have used “Standard Ads” 468X60 (blog header) & 200X200 (end of the article post) on my blog.

With new discounted deals being added to the BitsDujour, Standard Ads works dynamically changing ads on blog accordingly.

It was just a one-time setup which took around 10min to create and I have never bothered to change those links again ‘n’ again.  This 15 min work is now generating me the passive income as long as my blog gets the relevant traffic (through google).

Please note that there were no conflicts generated when these BitsDujour affiliate iframe codes are used in conjunction with AdSense on the same blog.

How To Get The Payment From BitsDujour?

The commission is not price based but percent based because there are several unique product deals everyday.

Hence, your commission may vary but in most of the cases, it is between 40 to 50% of the price that their eCommerce store receives.

They do have the minimum balance criteria where you need to have around $100USD to get paid (paid in 3rd week on the month).

In case if your balance is less then $100USD then it is rolled over to the next month.

You can request your payment to your PayPal account or in the form of a physical cheque.

Click Here To Join/SignUp BitsDuJour Affiliate Program

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