Why Online Contests Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

As a someone looking to grow a thriving blog, you should consider making online contests an essential part of your marketing arsenal.

Online contests present a ton of advantages to boost the success of small businesses.


It’s no secret that people love getting incentives, which explains why contests that are run on social media almost always increase your engagement.

Below are good reasons why you need to consider running an online contest to promote your business today.

These reasons might happen to be the very goals you want to meet.

Table of Contents

  • Why Should Online Contests Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?
    • 1. Generate buzz around your brand or new product
    • 2. Build an email list as quickly as possible
    • 3. Increase your sales
    • 4. Collect user-generated content (UGC)
    • 5. Earn future potential customers
    • 6. Boost your search engine optimization
  • Some Tips To Help You Run A Successful Online Contest
    • 1. Set clear goals
    • 2. Make the process simple
    • 3. Provide an incentive that meets an immediate need
    • 4. Ensure mobile-friendliness
  • Final Word

Why Should Online Contests Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?

Online Contest

1. Generate buzz around your brand or new product

Do you want more people to talk about your business?

If you’ve already created great products and offered an excellent customer service, your next best move would be to start an online contest.

Contests are sure to amplify your brand messages since they increase anticipation with the thought of winning.

2. Build an email list as quickly as possible

Every smart marketer knows how important email is to build a lasting relationship with their target customers.

This strategy isn’t only a less-intrusive way to communicate, it is also affordable and generates a high ROI.

How will you grow a mailing list by running a giveaway contest?

All you need to do is require people to enter their email address as an additional entry.

You’ll also be able to use their email addresses to update them about the contest.

3. Increase your sales

Making money from your offers will never be possible without raising awareness first.

The fact that you’re giving away your best product for free increases people’s motivation to try it out without any risk involved.

If your product meets their needs, there’s a huge chance that these individuals will return to buy it in the future. Remember to offer an incentive that’s relevant to your brand.

4. Collect user-generated content (UGC)

User-generated content increases your brand advocates.

The most common way user-generated content is created entails people taking pictures of themselves using a brand’s product and using campaign hashtags to promote the brand.

Believe it or not, you can receive hundreds of photos within two days by requiring participants to send photos of themselves with a theme that’s related to your business.

For example, if you sell hair products, you can require your audience to submit a photo their weirdest hairdo.

Once their photos go live on social media, ask them to share it multiple times.

At the same time, they need to use specific hashtags.

5. Earn future potential customers

Another huge benefit of an online contest for your business is that it continues to generate results even after it has ended.

Those email addresses you’ve collected in the process allows you to stay in touch with your prospects.

Send these people valuable content that addresses their day-to-day problems.

Your goal here is to eventually win the trust and affection of your audiences. When they’re ready, they’ll do business with you.

6. Boost your search engine optimization

Yes, online contests, when done right, can effectively position you on top of search and help you naturally acquire more backlinks.

Social media, being a powerful channel to market your brand, amplifies the reach of your online giveaway contest.

This may help you get natural links from authoritative websites.

Also, there are several popular contesting sites that are willing to link to your giveaway campaign for free.

They provide do-follow links, giving your page valuable SEO juice.

Some Tips To Help You Run A Successful Online Contest


Here’s a simple-to-follow checklist to increase the chances for your online contest to help you meet the business goals that you desire:

1. Set clear goals

Before you start planning your contest, identify the end result that you want to achieve.

Is it having a massive list of subscribers?

Building brand awareness?

You may want to refer to the benefits of online contests we just discussed.

2. Make the process simple

Eliminate all possible roadblocks.

Some online contests have mechanics that cause confusion to audiences.

This is a reason for failure.

Minimize the effort involved in participating in your contest.

A very simple process can go like this:

  • Enter your name
  • Join our email newsletter to receive updates
  • Share the contest page with your friends

3. Provide an incentive that meets an immediate need

Give your audience more reasons to share your online contest by offering a prize that provides instant gratification.

Depending on your niche, offer something that participants can immediately use to improve their situation.

For example, if you’re into health and fitness, make sure that your reward satisfies their need to be healthier today.

4. Ensure mobile-friendliness

Since most people access the web these days using mobile devices, make sure that your content looks great on their smartphones, tablets, etc.

Test your online contest to see how it looks before you have it go live.

Final Word

Do you want to try running your very own contest today?

Indeed, contests are a brilliant way to meet your blogging and business goals.

At the same time, it gives something that audiences find hard to resist.

This is why contests and giveaways go viral.

I’ll be providing more content on online contests so stay tuned.

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