How To Find Keywords For Passive Income

This keyword guide which can be easily followed shows you how to filter out various keywords and find out the buyer keywords to make passive income online.

Keywords play a prominent role in either making or breaking a blog.

If you don’t choose the right keyword, you might not get any kind of benefit from it.

Again, there are several types of keywords present, but identifying the golden nugget from them, is a time taking task but not so difficult.

If you are lucky enough, you may find it immediately, otherwise will take some time.

What Are Buyer Keywords or Money Maker Nuggets?

Well, as the title itself says, they are the keywords being searched by a buyer.

But these are not the ordinary keywords.

They are extremely powerful, high converting keywords which have the potential to make sales.

To be more precise, this is the final stage, where the buyer is looking to buy a product.

If you can target your blog for that keyword combination, you can create a successful empire.

Criteria For Buyer Keywords

This is a very simple criterion using which you can easily find out the buyer keywords & rank for them.

  • Less Search Volume

  • Long Tail Keyword

  • Less Competition

  • Easier To Rank

Where Are The Buyer Keywords?

Buyer keywords are not just limited only to the products.

They are almost everywhere.

Based on the chosen niche, you can easily make out several buyer keywords which can be easily found in the following mentioned scenarios.

  • Customer looking to buy a product

  • Customer looking to buy a service

  • Customer looking to solve an issue/problem/immediate relief

  • Customer trying to find a discount offer/deals

  • Customer looking for negative effects/issues

     Buyer Keywords – AdSense /Affiliate

The buyer keywords are extremely powerful and losing them for some pennies is not a wise thing.

Depending on the product, a simple buyer keyword can make you $10USD to $100USD [per sale] and also provides you the possibility of making further sales by capturing the lead.

The situation changes entirely if you have the AdSense code on your blog, where the user can simply click the ad and may leave your blog, thus generating less than a < $1USD (cents, in most of the cases).

     Example  – Affiliate Promotion More Effective Than AdSense

Let us see an example, why the affiliate promotion is far better than AdSense and how it can be more profitable.

Example :

snoring [ broad keyword]

# stop snoring [problem keyword]

# how to stop snoring [long tail problem keyword]

# how to make people stop snoring [long tail problem keyword]

Note: This is just an example where the keywords taken are highly competitive. While choosing, identify the keywords which are less competitive and are easier to rank.

    Google Searches & CPC Information

Find Buyer Keywords 1

Say, if we target the buyer long tail keyword “how to stop snoring”, it has got around 27,100 US searches with CPC $1.53USD.

Now, if we could rank Google#1 for this keyword then our blog/landing page may get approx.

50% of the traffic which is around 13550. With conversion rate @ 2% (user need not buy anything here), there is a possibility that one can earn 271*1 = $271USD.

[ This is just a rough assumption left after google taking its part from that $1.53USD]

So, the keyword “how to stop snoring” with 27,100 searches per month can make around $271USD per month on AdSense @ 2% conversion rate

Coming to affiliate programs, I could find 2 offers related to snoring.

Let us see, how the earnings change when the affiliate product is promoted.

    SnoreZip Affiliate Program – $ 35USD

Buyer Keywords SnoreZip 1

Buyer Keywords SnoreZip Affiliate 1

Say, if we target the buyer long tail keyword “how to stop snoring”, [27,100 US searches] with snorezip affiliate offer, here are some of the interesting stats.

Google#1 ranking directs almost 50% of the traffic 13550, to our blog and instead of the earlier 2% conversion, let us assume if there is only 0.2% (which is 1/10th of AdSense conversion, because  user has to do a BUY action) conversion which comes to 27.1 sales, the total revenue generated will be $35USD * 27 = $945USD which is far better than AdSense income.

So, the keyword “how to stop snoring” with 27,100 searches per month can make around $945USD per month on snorezip affiliate @ 0.2% conversion rate

         SleepPro Affiliate Program – $ 37.46USD

Buyer Keywords SleepPro 1

Buyer Keywords SleepPro Affiliate 1

So, the keyword “how to stop snoring” with 27,100 searches per month can make around $1011USD per month (37.4 commission on each sale * 27 sales ) on SleepPro affiliate @ 0.2% conversion rate

In the real scenario, there are chances that you may earn a lot more than the specified numbers ( Adsense as well as an affiliate).

My numbers suggest one of the least case conversion.

But at any stage, affiliate income is a way better than AdSense income.

How To Find The Buyer Keywords

Here is the list of some of the important buyer keywords.

  • Buy <Product Name>/<Service Name>
  • <Product Name>/<Service Name> Review
  • <Product Name>/<Service Name> Discount
  • Avoid <Issue>
  • Compare
  • Comparison
  • Fix <Issue>
  • Get Rid of <Issue>
  • How To Prevent <Issue>
  • Purchase <Product Name>/<Service Name>
  • Where To Buy <Product Name>/<Service Name>

Note : The above keywords can be used in any combination (either before or after the product name/service name etc) .

There are several other keywords, but these are some of the important buyer keywords, which I have observed most frequently.

If you would like to share any of the other buyer keywords, you can post them in the comments section below.

We shall try to update this post with the latest buyer keywords, accordingly.

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