[Press Release] – Google 7,8 & 10 Positions in 2 Hours

Getting authority traffic is one of the most important factors for success in any niche.

For some niches, it is very easy to rank in the 1st page of Google but for most of the niches, it is difficult to get ranked immediately because Google takes some time to get through the articles which are SEO optimized and also checks for some authority backlinks to this niche.

Overall getting ranked in Google can be tedious sometimes.

        Press Releases

Press Releases are the best ways to get ranked among top searches in Google [Google loves Press Releases] and also to drive the authority traffic to our blog/website.Many of them consider, Press Release to be very costly and difficult to understand and implement.

This is one of the main reasons, it is still under-utilized and only a few of the Internet Marketers use it.

Press Releases are preferred because of their huge syndication power; which means that the content gets notified to thousands of their partners [include top search engines, news sites, blogs, social networks, newspaper sites and TV news sites.

        Benefits of Press Release

  • Drive authority and targeted traffic to your blog

  • Huge Syndication Power

  • Get more sales if you are selling any product or service

  • Improve your blogs search engine rankings

  • Get tons of backlinks to your blog

  • Easy to get ranked on the 1st page of Google [also depends on several factors]

        Proofs That Press Release Work

Proof – 1

Press Release Example 1a 1

Proof – 2

Press Release Example 2

Proof – 3

Press Release Example 3

Proof – 4

Press Release Example 4

Proof – 5

Press Release Example 5

Proof – 6

Press Release Example 6

Proof – 7

Press Release Example 7

Proof – 8

Press Release Example 8

Proof – 9

Press Release Example 9

These are some of the screenshots to prove how well can a press release rank on the top pages of Google within a very short period.

Targeting keywords , especially Long Tail one’s are very easy to rank on the top pages of google using press releases.

Hope you have got some kind of encouragement with these proofs.

If you haven’t written till now then it’s time to start writing your first press release and get it ranked .

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