Interview – Scrembo – Udemy Revenue Expert

Building a portfolio with passive income, is one of the most challenging tasks and once the initial efforts pay off, there is no looking back.

So, in the process, we have started a series of Interviews with Instructors, to learn the success strategies that worked out for them in building, a good revenue model by selling their courses on Udemy .

This helps newbies to learn the concepts directly from the successful people, so that they can kickstart their online career.

So, let us start with our 3rd exclusive interview on BlogSmartGuide with Scrembo, who is one of the successful instructors on Udemy. Here is the detailed interview. Enjoy !!!

Success Strategies – Scrembo Interview

Q: Hello Scrembo, Can you please introduce about yourself to our readers? 

Hey ! This is Scrembo a six figure Internet Marketer willing to build a seven figures online business.

I’ve been doing IM since 16 right now I am 20 and my main business areas are Email Marketing and Internet Marketing Coaching Program.

I love making money and spending money on high quality luxury things.

Q: So, how did you create your empire in the email industry?

I’ve started 2 years ago and I am being very consistent. Simply using my own strategies of generating leads and controlling the business “perfectly” so far.

With a good management it can be done!

Q: What are your views about Single & Double Opt Ins ? Also, what do you think about capturing Name along with the email id ?

It’s all about the purpose of the list.

Where do you want to reach , what are you goals with that specific list ?

Based on the answers we can define if we have to use double or single opt in also capturing the name or not.

It’s always best to split test in case of not having clear idea about best way!

Split test and split test guys !

Q: Any suggestions on generating buyer list?

I am suggesting to launch your own products obviously and simply get affiliates promoting you.

I said nothing new just this is the way I got my buyers list and of course an extremely important factor is your sales page, pay attention to your sales page if you want affiliates to promote you !

They need high EPC!

Q: How did you get an idea to start a course on Udemy?

Someone recommended me Udemy and I started to do my research about it, contacting a few people , joining groups and so on..

At the end of my research I found out a GOLD MINE!

Q: Can you please explain about your 1st course on Udemy? How did you plan your course creation process?

I’ve had launched plenty of courses before launching on Udemy, so I was having experience, I was just planning things out at the beginning and being natural and honest started to put together the videos.

The way I am creating my videos is to speak from my brain .

I am not using any other extra service then recording my screen and talking from my brain.

I have a lot of things to tell you…

Q: What are your pricing strategies ?

My pricing strategies depends by the competition and by the research I am doing, weak points of the competitors and so on…

I suggest you to drop an eye on your competition and start analyzing prices, students, launch period, niche, subject, title, reviews, earnings ..etc..

Then simply do it !

See how it goes if not satisfied do a change !

Nothing more out there to do.

Q: What are your other courses present on Udemy? What is the criteria which you follow about which topic is good for creating a new course ?

At the moment I am launching 3 courses per month.

That is my goal and so far I am on time.

I am launching mostly in the ever popular niche making money online.

That is is my main criteria where I am focusing at the moment.

I’ve selected a niche where I have the most experience and it’s very comfortable.

Q: What were the softwares helpful to you in creating your courses?

I am using Screen Cast O Matic for screen recording and I am having a studio microphone.

That’s pretty all I need. No editing software required.

Q: Can you please explain about your immediate steps, after publishing your courses?

First step I do is to advertise free coupons, I am talking about courses on Udemy.

I am always offering free coupons to my new launches and secondly I am rewarding myself doing something I like obviously after finishing a project it’s very healthy to reward yourself.

Q: What are your views on the Landing Page? Is it required?

For collecting data it is necessary.

For different things you have to test before you can decide, run some split testing and see.

Q: Did you promote your courses or was it completely through Udemy organic traffic? If you have promoted, can you please share your promotional strategies and the websites/coupon sites that were helpful?

I am not putting more efforts at the moment into promoting only sharing free coupons on the facebook groups.

Most of the sales are coming from Organic traffic.

Q: Does it benefit, if we enroll in Udemy Affiliate & Promotions ?

Definitely !

You have to be enrolled !

No question asked! Could you tell me a proper reason why would you refuse udemy promoting you and making you money ?

ha ?

Q: What is the role of social media (FB, Google+, YouTube, Twitter etc.) in your success?

Social Media connects my business with people, I am able to share my news from my blog , any updates, important notes, launches and everything.

I am also very careful from the point of spending my time on social media for too much could affect my productivity so I am very careful with my length presence.

Q: Would you mind sharing your revenue details from Udemy?

These are my earnings after less then 2 months (to be more specific, it is just 1 month and half ) since I joined.

Q: What are your future plans?

My future plans with Udemy is to reach $2,500 a month then $5,000 a month then $10,000.

I will keep launching 3 products per month and for sure at the end of the year I will have about 36-40 products live on Udemy.

Simply making $200 on average with each product per month will bring me $8,000 a month and $96,000 in 2016!

Q: What are your suggestions for the people who are yet to start working on their goals?

Find your purposes -> Create a plan -> Respect your plan -> Accept defeat -> LEAVE YOUR CONFORT ZONE -> Reward yourself.

Q: What is the best way to reach you? Your website/contact details ?

You can find me anywhere !

Email: scrembo(at)



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