6 Surefire Ways To Market Your Small Business Online

A business can fail not because of a bad product but because of a lack of promotion.

Too often, this is the reason why most aspiring online entrepreneurs never see success.

Product creation is only one part of establishing a brand.

No matter how good your offers are, you won’t be able to make money by simply planning and creating.

You need to get the word out. To announce to the world about your new business.

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Almost always, the reason is fear.

Fear that you might appear pushy and salesy. Fear that no one will take notice.

If this is what’s holding you back, then I’m here to help you get outside your comfort zone.

This guide will help you get more eyeballs on your small business through my simple yet effective online marketing tips and tricks.

Table of Contents

  • Online Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business
    • 1. Start a business website
    • 2. Grow your email subscribers
    • 3. Blogging daily
    • 4. Create local listings
    • 5. Reach out to influencers
    • 6. Leverage social proof
  • Conclusion

Online Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

1. Start a business website

A website for your business is a solid way to build your online visibility so that your target audiences can easily reach you.

For your website to thrive, you need to optimize its pages by making it visually attractive, navigable, fast, and accessible on mobile devices.

Most of all, it should have content that solves your readers’ problem.

Get started creating a website by following these simple steps:

There’s another awesome option where you can skip these steps altogether and avoid paying for individual services.


Choose ClickFunnels instead.

It’s a software that helps you easily create a website (in a few clicks) with everything integrated – from hosting to the landing page and email autoresponder.

2. Grow your email subscribers

Compared to other digital marketing strategies, email marketing is the best.


It’s the only method that allows you to send personalized messages to your audiences repetitively, no matter the place and time, without being intrusive.

A study shows that over 70% of American consumers check their emails on a daily basis.

The reason for the growth of mobile usage.

For you to be able to send emails to your potential customers, collect their email addresses when they visit your site or social media pages.

Here are ways to entice people to sign-up for your mailing list:

  • Offer a freebie – Great ideas are ebooks, guides, printable checklists.
  • Add a sense of urgency – Place a countdown timer for your limited time offer.
  • CTA on your Facebook page – The call-to-action button should lead to your landing page where you collect their email addresses.

3. Blogging daily

You would never be the most successful marketer you aim to become if you fail to do blogging.

The heart and soul of inbound marketing, you need to do blogging to attract more visitors to your website.

Not only that, blogging helps you make money in the long run.

How does it accomplish that?

By sharing your expertise in your niche.


Unlike typical blogging where you simply express your feelings, blogging for business is intended to spark action in your audiences. Think about bringing in sales.

Best practices in blogging are the following:

  • Write benefit-driven headlines
  • Tackle topics that your audiences like
  • Stick to a regular blogging schedule
  • Add images to your blog posts
  • Offer valuable tips and advice
  • Include social sharing buttons

4. Create local listings

The fact is that these days, people are hooked to their mobile devices and access the internet to find the nearest store.

If you own a brick-and-mortar store or have a physical office, utilize local listings as one of your marketing strategies to get more people to discover you.

A local listing is an online profile that features a business’:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Images
  • Social profiles
  • and more

Go to Google and websites where you can list your local business.


In my example above, you can see that Google displayed the most relevant listings of gyms in San Diego after I searched for them.

5. Reach out to influencers

There is a proven way for you to sell your products faster and more effectively without paid advertising.

This strategy is called influencer marketing.

Basically, influencer marketing involves establishing connections with influencers.

These are people who can potentially influence the purchasing decisions of your audience.

Influencers can be celebrities and popular bloggers in your niche.

Sometimes, they can be regular individuals who simply have huge connections.

How do you get influencers to promote your products?

Take note of these steps:

  • Let influencers be more familiar with you. Be a regular commenter of their blog posts. Share their posts as well.
  • Submit a guest post on their blogs to demonstrate your knowledge. This is also a way for you to promote your products to their huge audience.
  • Ask them to review and promote your products. Give them free samples or pay them.

6. Leverage social proof

Social proof increases people’s trust in your products.

People who are skeptical and know nothing about your business will be interested in you if they read recommendations from others.

There are many ways for you to use social proof to increase your credibility:

  • Feature your total number of social shares. Use a sharing plugin called Social Warfare.
  • Display customer testimonials on your website. To generate testimonials, ask them to provide an honest review of your product.
  • Mention the size of your customer base. Showcase it on your homepage to create a great first impression.

As one of the most powerful marketing strategies, social proof is the reason why popular brands in your niche have gotten to where they are today.


Hopefully, my list here has given you more confidence to position yourself in front of a larger crowd.

While these are only a few of the many marketing strategies you can use, certainly they’ll help you get started right away.

I would love to know how well these methods work out for you.

Got more ideas to share? Feel free to comment below.

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