5 Stages of a Successful Business


This is one of the famous points from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey.

If you have started something then no matter whatever obstacle comes, DO NOT QUIT.

If you want to be successful in whatever area you choose, always see that you adhere to the below points.

  1. Whatever you start, complete it at any cost
  2. Without regular efforts, don’t expect the reward
  3. Always aim for excellence, success will automatically follow you
  4. Give it some time to grow
  5. Have the patience to wait until the end of the time

5 Stages of a Successful Business [Online/Offline]

Stage: Start blogging from scratch

This is the most important stage of any business.

You start from scratch. 

After deciding what exactly you wanted to do, your focus should be completely set on laying the foundation.

If the foundation isn’t strong enough then, it can easily crack the whole business or may collapse it at later stages.


In our case, this is the niche keyword, which we are targeting.

If the keyword [seed]selected isn’t properly researched, then whatever efforts we might add to build it, it won’t give the fruitful results.

So proper keyword research with some pre-selected criteria according to your requirements is a must.

Once we are done with the keywords, many users simply outsource their article writing process and get some 5 or 10 articles targeting all types of keywords.

These articles are used as the pillar articles on the main blog.

Stage: 2  Care for your blog, follow best practices


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This is the important stage where efforts are seen only in the beginning schedule.

Say, you have launched your niche blog with some articles.

Thereafter if you don’t publish relevant content and follow the best practices it won’t grow..

Also, many of us build backlinks in the beginning few days but with time they give up seeing that they are not making any income or traffic isn’t getting generated to the blog.

Stage 3: Give it time to rank

Whatever efforts you give, traffic won’t come overnight.

This doesn’t happen overnight.

Some blogs get indexed by Google very quickly and some take some time.

There are several factors which influence this process of indexing and getting ranked.

This is also bouncing time where the blog shifts various positions/pages up and down which is normally termed as “Google Dance”.

Many users quit at this stage expecting too much in short span of time which demotivates them to proceed further writing articles and building backlinks.

If you do not get tons of traffic don’t be worried. There are many blogs which make good money even though they aren’t having much authority.

Stage 4: Convert the traffic to your customer

This is when our blog converts into customers, which is possible only if you have a relevant content and services related to it.

When it gets the authority it can easily rank well for many long tail keywords bringing us the required traffic and the passive income.

Stage 5: Make money

The ultimate phase where your blog starts giving you fruits of your hard work

You start to make sales and the business become profitable.

Well, I finally end up with the same statement which I had mentioned in the beginning.


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