How To Transfer A Domain Name [Guide]

If you are planning to sell your domain name or website then before starting the actual process you need to learn what are the after activities and how to handle them.

This is a domain transfer quick guide with detailed screenshots so that you can easily understand the process of transferring the domain from Seller to Buyer where both accounts are present with Godaddy.

Quick Guide For Domain Transfer

  • Seller has to get the Buyer Godaddy account details [ email registered with Godaddy & customer number]
  • Buyer should provide his Godaddy Account Details To the Seller [Buyer can use the existing Godaddy account or can create a new Godaddy account].
  • Seller transfers the domain name to the Buyer.
  • Buyer accepts the domain name from the Seller.
  • Domain Push/Domain Transfer To Another account within the same registrar (here Godaddy) successfully completed.

Step By Step Guide For Domain Transfer From One Account To Another in GoDaddy

Step 1 : [Seller] Login To your GoDaddy Account Manager

Step 2 : Click on + button [present just before  DOMAINS ]

Godaddy Domain Transfer 1

Step 3 : Select the “domain name” and click on Launch button which opens up the “Control Panel”.

Godaddy Domain Transfer 2

Step 4 : Click on “Change Ownership”

Godaddy Domain Transfer 3

Step 5 : Enter the Buyer’s email id registered with their Godaddy. If you have Buyer’s Godaddy Customer/Username then check the “I have” box and enter the id.

There are 3 options under Domain’s contact information.

In case if you have access to Customer’s/Buyer’s address details then select “Enter new details” option. Otherwise select “Use details from specified customer account” or “Do not change”.

In case if you wish to let the existing name-servers then check the last option. Click “Next” button

Note : Please note that you need to decline the Change of Registrant and transfer your domain name before updating the Organization, First name, or Last name fields, if you want to transfer your domain name during the 60-day period.

Godaddy Domain Transfer 4

Step 6 : As I have chosen “Enter New Details” in the previous step [check above screenshot] , I need to enter all the mandatory details and check out the 2 boxes mentioned. Click “Next” after all details are entered.

Godaddy Domain Transfer 5

Step 7 : Read the confirmation and click on “Finish” to complete the transaction.

Godaddy Domain Transfer 6

It will take some time [ minutes to hours] before changes are updated and once the change is done, a mail is sent to the Buyer.

Buyer has to login to Godaddy account to accept the domain pushed to complete the transaction successfully.

Check the below article on how to accept the domain name pushed by seller.

Note :

  • If you are moving the domain name from one account to another account within Godaddy then it is called as “Account Change” or pushing the domain.
  • If you are moving domain name to another registrar , it is referred to “Domain Transfer” , according to Godaddy Naming Conventions.

The above terminology is mentioned so that in case of any issues you can easily check with Godaddy support without getting confused.

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