UDEMY Starter Kit For Beginners – How To Get Started on Udemy ?

If you are looking to earn income online without investing then obviously Udemy is one of the best sources. This post Udemy Start Info Kit, provides some of the important things that help to get started on Udemy, especially for the beginners


Udemy is really one of the best sources available online and I felt that there are some important things which if are already known before starting out on Udemy will be extremely helpful. I also have my friends on Facebook groups who wanted this sort of beginner information, as they wanted to learn more about creating courses on Udemy which is why I have taken my time to put forth some of the important details that will help you how the system works.

So, get ready to start with the guide.

UDEMY Start Info Kit

1) Course creation process is not much difficult. You just need to have the right topic.

2) Don’t target niches which are overloaded on Udemy. For example “WordPress”. There are already huge no. of courses on this topic. If you create again, there are chances that you may not get much sales and also you need to compete with those who have 1000s of students and 100’s of reviews. If you can create a variation of the same topic, then go ahead.

3) Most of the courses which are priced 100USD/200USD/300USD do not get full price sales. Instructors used to create 90% OFF/95%OFF coupons and then sales were generated.

This price discount is just a psychological effect. Now that Udemy doesn’t want it to happen they have created a new policy where the course can be priced between $20USD to $50USD with a maximum discount coupon of 50% only.

For example, if I price my course @ $40USD, then maximum discount which I can giveout is 50%OFF ($20USD). I cannot sell it for $15USD or 10USD.

4) If you’re a subject expert (technical) then there are very good chances of making some great income on Udemy.

5) Many people give out free coupons to increase student count and also to get reviews.

6) Create a promo video for your course ( 1 min to 2min) which helps to get more sales.

How To Record Videos For Your Udemy Courses

Even though talking head videos convert a lot, there is still room for you if you create a good quality video without appearing on camera

Step 1: Gather information about your subject.If you’re expert you can create your own information.

Step 2: Create PPT (professional slides)

Step 3: Use Camtasia to record your PPT (play your ppts in slideshow format) along with audio. Screen-o-matic is also good cheap software. But Camtasia is good for editing courses. No need to learn high end professional editing tools (like Adobe products etc.).

Step 4: Use Handbrake software to reduce your video size without compromising quality (This step isn’t mandatory for everyone).

Step 5: Create test video (just 1 min video) and submit it (You will have this option in your new course page). This is very important step.

Note : First create a test video and upload it under your New Course > Test Video. This will be checked by Udemy team and will give you a go if everything is great. If there are any issues, they will mention about them and correct those issues and submit test video again.
I see that many people skip test video creation process. This will help to find out any issues before you start recording your complete course. If you had some wrong setting(w.r.t audio or video) and had created whole course with 20+ videos then you may have to create everything again. So make sure you submit a test video first. Once you get approval only go on with the creation of rest of the videos with the same settings used to create test video.

Best Export Settings For HD Videos[720p & 1080p]

These are the settings we follow while creating video courses on Udemy.These settings work great even for your client business/Youtube videos

Optimal export settings For Videos Recorded in 720p HD?

  • Adjust video compression format to H.264 or MPEG-4
  • Dimensions: 1280×720 Data Rate/Bit Rate: 3000 kbits/sec
  • Dimensions: 1920×1080 Data Rate/Bit Rate: 3000- 5000 kbits/sec
  • Aspect Ratio : 16:9
  • Frame Rate Settings
  • Screencast videos Frame Rate: 10 Frames Per Second (10 FPS)
  • Talking head videos Frame Rate : 30 Frames Per Second (30 FPS)

Video Export Settings – Software

Select Share > Advanced Export > Select from Export list > Export to Quicktime MPEG-4 > Select Options to adjust rest of options

Windows Movie Maker:
Select Home > Save Movie > At the bottom of dropdown, select Create Custom Settings to adjust rest of options

Select Share > Export Using Quicktime > Export to MPEG-4 > Select Options to adjust rest of options

Select File > Export > Customize > Settings to adjust rest of options

Select File > Save as > Format > 720p

Note :
These details are present on Udemy website. I have mentioned it here so that it will be helpful for those who required


What you should know before starting on Udemy ?

1) Even though Udemy is a marketplace for selling courses, not all courses get sales.
2) Sometimes you may not get much success in the beginning. You need to create more ‘n’ more courses.

3) Sometimes even though you put lot of efforts and create a valuable course you may not get any sales (several reasons). So please be prepared that you need to market your own course on different networks.Many people promote their courses on Social Networks, Youtube etc..

4) It always works great for people who have list. Many people build their list using YouTube and niche relevant forums.

5) There is something known as Udemy affiliate system. If affiliate has a cookie enabled then 50% of selling price of your course will be given to him as commission.

Ex. Your course price is $40USD and say that you are giving 50% discount. Then your discounted price is $20USD. If student reaches your course from an affiliate then of $20USD = 10USD for affiliate + $10USD/2 (which is $5USD for you and $5USD for Udemy).

6) If student buys with your instructor promoted link , you will get 97% of selling price ( 3% for transaction).
Very important : Affiliate cookie lasts for 7 days. So, if student has visited previously Udemy with an affiliate link and within 7 days, if he buys your course with your instructor link, you will not get 97%. Instead it will be counted as an affiliate sale(see step 5 above). So this way you can loose your promotions or conversions to affiliates. ( You can turn off this feature but it will also turn off Udemy from promoting your course through ads)

7) Never download other person’s/corporate course and upload it as your course. If so, then your course on Udemy will be banned and will be refunded. (I’ve seen people uploading other people’s products like WSOs etc.Some of them have even downloaded and uploaded Lynda courses. Instead if you own any course, master the topic and create your version from it without lifting original instructor ideas.

8) You cannot provide any incentives in exchange for reviews .

9) Even with high quality content you may get low STAR ratings as we cannot cator every student individual requirements. So be prepared for that.

10) Your course will get pirated and you need to be prepared for this. PATIENCE is very important.

The Golden Niche For $$ (Not For Everyone)

Just make sure that you are targeting the next iOS version when it gets released. If you can create a course within a week of the release of next iOS version, with right promotion,you will make 4 or 5 figure income in $$$$$ easily.

Hope you have liked this startup guide. Please don’t forget to share this.

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