WordPress VIP Hosting vs Self-Hosted WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most widely used content management system across the globe.

It is web software that one can use in order to create a website or even a blog.

To some extent, WordPress is free as well as easy to use, but this is dependent on the features you prefer to use in WordPress.

That being the case, you must already have heard about wordpress.com, WordPress.org.

WordPress VIP and even self hosted WordPress.

For a beginner, this must be extremely confusing, especially when you are obliged to choose between any of this.

Here, we will establish the differences and similarities, if any, between self hosted WordPress hosting and WordPress VIP hosting.

Features and Specifications

WordPress VIP hosting is a premium based Web publishing service that was initially designed to be used by enterprise firms.

This new feature of WordPress contains all the elements found in WordPress and the power to apply custom code, an enormous CMS as well as 24/7customer support.

It also has extra products and services which include security and content monitoring, as well as developer training.

When it comes to self hosted WordPress hosting, you are responsible for doing everything starting from setting up the website, updating it and even constant monitoring.

Self hosted WordPress hosting does not have some of the additional essential elements that WordPress VIP hosting has in it.


WordPress VIP hosting is relatively cheaper compared to self hosted WordPress hosting.

For instance, for up to five websites, the cloud hosted package begins at $3750 on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, self hosted WordPress hosting usually start at $15000 annually per website.

Keeping these factors into consideration, WordPress VIP is less expensive, extremely reliable and known for providing scalability.

What is more, since you will be working with WordPress, you are guaranteed of always having the latest version containing the most recent features.

Security Guarantee

When it comes to security, WordPress VIP hosting is considered more secure than self hosted WordPress hosting.

With self hosted hosting, you are responsible for ensuring the security of your site which can be challenging at times and you could become easy targets for hackers.

On the other side, with WordPress VIP hosting, someone stays awake at night and alerts all day to watch over your site.

You can, therefore, benefit from their site monitoring as well as secure code base which facilitates an astonishing uptime.

Additionally, WordPress operation team is always ready to facilitate the success of your website.

You are given 24/7 IT support which does not apply with self hosted WordPress hosting.


The topic of scalability better fits WordPress VIP hosting than self hosted WordPress hosting.

In fact, it is the most appropriate for larger companies with heavy traffic.

WordPress VIP services usually serve more than a hundred million page views in one day without any problems.

There are always people working with your development team to make sure that the code on your site is always prepared to handle any amount of traffic.

Unlike self hosted WordPress hosting, word press VIP hosting was created to be used by well established companies experiencing heavy traffic on a daily basis.

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