5 No-Fail Strategies To Come Up With What to Blog About

Bloggers, newbie or experienced, share the same dilemma: Figuring out the next best topic to write about.

We all need inspiration for our blog because that’s the only way for it to grow.

At one point in my business of blogging, I felt that there isn’t much to say anymore.

But the truth is, the world doesn’t run out of ideas. Maybe it’s just my self-doubt!

Fail Strategies

In the process of trying to tackle this concern, I’ve discovered 5 useful techniques that I’d love to share with you today.

Without further ado, learn how you can consistently find new ideas for your future blog posts.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Three words: Google Keyword Planner
  • 2. Follow industry experts and bloggers on Twitter
  • 3. Use headline generator tools
  • 4. Talk about your personal struggles
  • 5. Make an “ultimate list” of your favorite blogs
  • Ready for Your Next Best Blog Topic?

1. Three words: Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a great tool for keyword research.

By simply finding terms that your blog can potentially rank for on search to get targeted traffic, you’ll be able to immediately discover interesting topics to discuss.

 Google Keyword Planner

For example, if your niche is “gardening,” enter the term “gardening” on Google Keyword Planner and you’ll get keyword ideas like “container garden” and “vegetable garden.”

You can probably write topics on “How to Grow a Container Garden” or “Simple Vegetable Garden Care Tips.”

2. Follow industry experts and bloggers on Twitter

Twitter is a goldmine of great pieces of content.

Whether you need ideas for trending or timeless, evergreen topics, simply follow popular personalities in your niche.

In my case, since I am in the blogging/online marketing industry, I follow bloggers like Darren Rowse and Jeff Bullas.

What I do in my spare time, especially during the weekends, is that I go through these bloggers’ recent tweets.

They usually share their recently published posts or other bloggers’ content.

I find a new angle or write my own version of these topics.

3. Use headline generator tools

If all else fails, rely on headline generator tools.

Headline Generator

This isn’t a bad thing to do. In fact, many bloggers find that these tools help them streamline their daily blogging.

Tools will help you save time and boost your productivity.

Come up with winning content ideas with these blog title generators:

4. Talk about your personal struggles

Most often than not, people with the same interests share the same struggles.

Since you’re passionate about your niche, you’re in the best position to discuss your struggles – which most of your readers can relate to as well.

For example, if you write about dogs, try to talk about your challenge in the past on potty training your furry friend.

Sharing a personal experience is one way to incorporate storytelling into blogging.

It’s a brilliant way to hook your audiences.

Make sure to provide your readers tips on how you overcame a difficult situation.

5. Make an “ultimate list” of your favorite blogs

This one is effortless and a surefire strategy to spark your audience’s curiosity.

People are always on the lookout for helpful blogs they can turn to for advice.

Be their one-way ticket.

For your next blog post, create a list of at least 10 blogs that are worth checking out.

Make sure that these blogs are relevant to your niche, regularly publish content, and write quality posts.

Following this technique of writing an ultimate list of blogs does not only increase your credibility, it opens the opportunity for you to build connections with these bloggers as well.

Ready for Your Next Best Blog Topic?

If you are still in the process of creating a website, it can be really tough to figure out the things to tackle for your blog posts.

I encourage you to follow the tips in this article.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to nail your next topic. Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

Good luck!

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